Aavishkari Entrepreneur: Story Of A Wallet That Cannot Be Stolen!

In the latest episode of Aavishkari Entrepreneur, we explore the startup journey of Arista Vault which has integrated technology into its smart wallet, making it anti-theft.

Sonu Vivek
25 May 2023

Watch Out The Startup Story Of Purvi Roy, Co-Founder, Arista Vault

Embark on a journey of inspiration with Arista Vault, India's first anti-theft wallet startup founded by Purvi Roy, a former fashion designer turned entrepreneur. Fueled by a desire to tackle wallet theft, Arista Vault seamlessly integrates technology into their wallets, creating stylish and secure accessories. 

The flagship product, the Wallet-Bot Smart Wallet, boasts groundbreaking features like anti-loss mechanisms, location tracking, and even a built-in power bank. Arista Vault's relentless dedication to security and design has garnered them widespread acclaim and made them the go-to brand for travelers and security-conscious individuals across the nation. Experience worry-free journeys with Arista Vault, where style meets innovation, and your valuables are always protected.