What is GeM? How it Links Suppliers to Govt? Hear from Mr. Chavan

In this exclusive conversation, Mr. Chavan shared that Government-e-Marketplace is all set to close FY24 at over Rs 4 lakh cr GMV. He also shared how GeM has been witnessing great participation from men and women alike.

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What is GeM How it Links Suppliers to Govt Hear from Mr Chavan

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In the bustling ambiance of Startup Mahakumbh, India's premier startup congregation, the corridors echoed with innovation, ambition, and the palpable energy of entrepreneurial spirit. The first of its kind of initiative saw participation of 1000 startups, 500 incubation centres and expert delegation from all across the nation. Amidst this vibrant milieu, TICE engaged in a conversation with Dr. Ajib B Chavan, additional CEO of Government e-Marketplace (GeM), an initiative pioneered by the Government of India in 2016.

In this exclusive conversation, Mr. Chavan shared that Government-e-Marketplace is all set to close FY24 at over Rs 4 lakh cr GMV. He also shared how GeM has been witnessing great participation from men and women alike.

Get into this exclusive conversation with Mr. Ajib B Chavan, Additional CEO, Government e-Marketplace

What is GeM?

Government e-Marketplace, commonly known as GeM, commenced operations in 2016 with a groundbreaking mission: to revolutionize public procurement in India. Serving as a digital nexus for buyers and sellers, GeM expedites the acquisition of common-use goods and services required by government departments, organizations, and PSUs.

"Presently, GeM has around 1.5 lakh buyers from the central government, state government, and the third tier of government. And the buyer can be anyone who has merchandise to sell to the government or any other product or service to offer to the government," shared Mr. Chavan.

With its user-friendly interface and innovative tools like e-bidding and reverse e-auction, GeM enhances transparency, efficiency, and value optimization in procurement processes. Its significance is underscored by legislative endorsements, including recognition in the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961, and mandatory usage mandated by the Ministry of Finance under Rule No. 149 in the General Financial Rules, 2017. GeM stands as a beacon of India's digital governance transformation, driving inclusive growth and accountability in public procurement practices.

Inclusivity is a strong pillar of GeM...

Inclusivity stands as a formidable pillar within the framework of Government e-Marketplace (GeM), alongside transparency and efficiency. Notably, GeM's commitment to inclusivity extends beyond mere rhetoric; it is woven into the very fabric of its operations. An intriguing aspect of GeM's inclusivity is the balanced participation it fosters among genders. Remarkably, both male and female entrepreneurs find equal footing on this digital platform, transcending traditional barriers and empowering a diverse spectrum of voices. 

"We aim to bring more and more female led-businesses from underserved groups on board," highlighted Chavan."

Startup Mahakumbh... A Revolutionary Step

In the dynamic landscape of India's burgeoning startup ecosystem, the advent of Startup Mahakumbh heralds a new era of innovation, collaboration, and transformative growth. This pioneering initiative, marked by its grandeur and ambition, serves as a rallying point for aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned industry stalwarts, and governmental stakeholders alike.

At its core, Startup Mahakumbh embodies the spirit of convergence, bringing together diverse stakeholders from across the entrepreneurial spectrum onto a common platform for dialogue, ideation, and strategic partnerships. It serves as a melting pot of ideas, where creativity flourishes, and dreams take flight.

Startup Mahakumbh has witnessed participation and partnerships from numerous industry stakeholders and organizations. GeM, in particular, has emerged as a pivotal partner for Startup Mahakumbh.

"GeM has, in fact, established an entire pavilion where individuals can register their businesses with us at no cost," remarked Mr. Chavan.

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