What's in Investors' Mind? The Top 5 Investor Trends

What is the mood of startup investors these days? How to crack funding from them? If you are someone looking for funding, you must understand what are the top trends that investors are focusing on these days! Read on to find out the top 5 investor trends.

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What Are The Emerging Investor Trends Shaping Indian Startup Ecosystem

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Let's face it, in the land of startups, capital is king. And guess what? The kings (and queens) are changing their tune!  The Indian startup ecosystem is witnessing a shift in investor behavior, and it's getting interesting. We're talking a cool $3.9 billion raised in just the first five months of 2024 - that's some serious moolah according to Tracxn.  


This isn't just a sign of a thriving startup scene, it's a strategic pivot in the investment landscape itself. If you are someone looking for funding for your startup, you must know what's brewing behind the scenes? Let's get down to brass tacks and understand what's going on in investor's mind? It will help you to crack funding.

Fewer Deals, Bigger Tickets

A notable trend this year is the reduction in the number of deals coupled with an increase in deal value. In 2023, 758 deals were closed during the same period, compared to just 465 this year. Despite the drop in the number of transactions, the total deal value has surged by 40%. This indicates a shift towards larger investments in fewer, more promising startups.


Investors are increasingly focusing on startups that can deliver substantial returns on capital employed. There is a growing preference for companies that not only generate returns that surpass their expected return on investment but also create significant value for shareholders and founders. This marks a departure from the past focus on high-growth, cash-burning startups.

Betting on Proven Winners

The trends suggest that investors are now gravitating towards "winners"—startups that have demonstrated their ability to scale and achieve profitability. These companies have a proven track record of growth and success, making them attractive investment targets. This strategic selection is evident in some of the largest fund-raises this year, including:

  • Lenskart: Secured $200 million
  • Flipkart: Raised $350 million
  • Meesho: Attracted $275 million
  • Pocket FM: Closed a $103 million round

Deep Tech is the New Star

Beyond established players, there's a rising star on the investment scene: Deep Tech. This exciting area focuses on applying cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum computing to solve real-world problems. As these technologies mature and their potential applications become clearer, we can expect to see a surge in investment in Deep Tech startups.


Anticipated Recovery in Funding

Despite the current trends, investors are optimistic about the second half of 2024, anticipating a recovery in funding across various stages. This expected resurgence underscores the dynamism of the Indian startup ecosystem and the continued confidence of investors in its long-term potential.

Strategic Implications for Startups

For startups seeking investment, these emerging trends suggest a need to focus on sustainable growth and profitability. Demonstrating a clear path to profitability, showcasing efficient capital usage, and having a solid business model are now more crucial than ever. Startups that align with these priorities are more likely to attract substantial investments.

The evolving investor trends in India’s startup landscape highlight a maturing ecosystem where profitability and efficient capital use are increasingly valued. With fewer but larger deals, a focus on proven winners, and an expected recovery in funding, the Indian startup scene is set for an exciting and transformative year ahead. Founders and startups that adapt to these new priorities are well-positioned to thrive in this dynamic environment.