Tired of Spam Calls? There's a Homegrown Startup to Shut Them Out!

Spam call have become headache for all! But you know AI can prevent spam calls! Wondering how? Well! there is an Indian startup making it possible! Watch this interview with the founder of Naam to know more!

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Let's be honest, nobody enjoys that moment when your phone rings and it's an unknown number.  Is it a friend calling about that weekend getaway you planned?  Or is it just another robot voice trying to sell you a car warranty you don't need?

Well! you would be amazed to know that according to a McAfee survey, 48% of Indians who fell victim to AI call scams lost over Rs 50,000 each.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that spam calls are a universal annoyance. They disrupt our workflow, interrupt dinner plans, and leave us feeling frustrated. Worse yet, they can be downright scary for older adults or those susceptible to scams. But what if there was a way to take back control of your phone and silence those unwanted calls for good?

Perhaps even better, what if you could know who's calling before you even pick up the phone? Well, good news! There's a solution, and it doesn't involve apps like Truecaller that dig into your personal data and steal your entire contact list.

Instead, we're talking about a cutting-edge Indian app that prioritizes your privacy. This app, called Naam, leverages the power of artificial intelligence to identify unknown callers without ever needing to access your contacts.

Naam: A Homegrown Startup Against Spam Calls

Naam was founded by telecom industry veteran Arpit Tak, along with his colleagues Ramesh Chaudhary and Abhimanyu Sharma in 2023. It is a Jaipur-based startup taking on the fight against spam calls. Their innovative app utilizes AI to create a constantly updated database of spammers, offering a privacy-focused caller ID solution.

Recently, TICE.News had the exclusive opportunity to chat with Arpit Tak, co-founder of Naam. In our interview, Mr. Tak discussed his vision for this revolutionary new app, designed to be your ultimate shield against the never-ending battle with spam calls. 

Tak stated, "At the heart of the Naam solution is its thorough identification of spammers and scammers using AI-based models and algorithms. Naam is committed to solving these problems by providing users with significant data safety and privacy through the comprehensive application of data science."

Not Your Typical Call Identifier: How Naam Works?

We all know apps that use your contacts list to identify callers. But what if you're not comfortable sharing your entire contact list? Naam takes a different approach.

On being asked how Naam works, Tak told, "Naam uses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a giant global database to identify unknown callers. Think of it as a super smart detective who figures out who's on the other end without needing your friends' numbers."

This means you get to keep your privacy while still enjoying spam-free calls. Naam's AI brain analyzes things like phone numbers, where the call is coming from, and even info from other users to build a super-powered spam call blacklist.

 How Naam is different from Truecaller?

Truecaller, a major player with 270 million users in India, relies on community-based spam reporting to filter out unwanted calls. 

"In contrast, Naam employs a unique approach by analyzing patterns such as call duration and hang-up rates to identify spammers more accurately. It gathers numbers from Google reviews, social media posts, PDFs, and other internet sources. Additionally, Naam’s app is notably lightweight, at just 5.9 MB," explained Tak.

While Truecaller monetizes its basic features through pop-up ads embedded with caller information, Naam offers all features for free to early adopters, including automatic spam identification and instant number recognition.

Watch the video on the top for the full interview, where we took a closer look at Naam's journey with its founder!

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