Taxpayers: The Unsung Heroes of Viksit Bharat 2047

Are taxpayers the unsung heroes of India's journey to 2047? Discover the pivotal role they play in shaping Viksit Bharat. Read the full story for insights and inspiration from Aditya Pittie.

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As Bharat gears up for its 100th year of independence in 2047, the dream of a developed nation burns bright. This aspiration, however, demands grand visions as well as a solid foundation built on the contributions of countless individuals – the often-overlooked yet indispensable taxpayers or, in the spirit of the day - 'Kardaatas'.

While grand narratives and political compulsions glorify other 'Daatas'; the silent engine driving India's progress rests with the millions of honest taxpayers who diligently contribute their hard- earned income to the national treasury.

The Taxpayer Quandary: Narrowing India's Fiscal Foundation

Understanding the crucial role of taxpayers requires acknowledging a stark reality; India's tax base is still very narrow. To put things in perspective:

Total ITR filings are approximately 7.4 Cr

Only 2.2% of India's adult population are taxpayers

Personal income tax as a percentage of GDP is 2.9%

Personal income tax is 29% of the gross tax revenue collection

This translates to a significant burden on a select few while the benefits of public infrastructure, social programs, and national security reach all citizens. Furthermore, a small taxpayer base exacerbates societal inequalities, as a disproportionate burden falls on those fulfilling their tax obligations and undermines the principles of equity and social justice.


As such, the importance of the honest 'Kardaatas' cannot be overstated. They are the unsung 'minority' group that demands no reservations and no freebies and is somehow not even on the top of the 'Daatas' totem pole! While a significant portion of the population, particularly in the informal sector, either evades taxes or operates in the informal economy, thereby escaping the tax net.

The contributions of the ‘Kardaatas’ fuel the very ecosystem that enables India's growth. By diligently fulfilling their tax obligations, they ensure that public funds are utilized judiciously and in the nation's best interests. Tax revenue finances critical public services like education, healthcare, defence, agriculture, manufacturing, technology and infrastructure development, fostering long-term growth and job creation. This, in turn, expands the tax base organically, creating a virtuous cycle of contribution and progress. Every new school, hospital, highway, or public transport system bears the imprint of their sacrifice.

Cultivating a Culture of Civic Responsibility: Recognizing the Unsung 'Kardaatas'

Beyond the purely economic benefits, a healthy tax culture fosters a sense of civic responsibility, adherence to rules and laws, honesty, and national pride. This strengthens democracy and fuels the pursuit of collective goals.

It is essential to recognize and express gratitude to the taxpayers who dutifully fulfil their obligations to the nation. Their contributions, no matter how small, are instrumental in advancing India's economic agenda and realizing its vision of becoming a developed nation by 2047. Their sacrifices and commitment deserve commendation, as they epitomize the spirit of civic responsibility and nation-building.

Government communication and public discourse should actively acknowledge and express gratitude to taxpayers for their contributions. Highlighting the tangible impact of their taxes on public services can foster a sense of ownership and encourage others to participate.

Taxpayers occupy a central position in India's economic narrative, serving as the linchpin of its fiscal stability and development agenda. Their significance extends far beyond revenue generation; they embody the ideals of citizenship, responsibility, and collective progress. As India charts its course towards Viksit Bharat 2047, it must prioritize efforts to expand and strengthen its taxpayer base, ensuring that the benefits of growth are shared equitably among all its citizens. Gratitude and recognition are due to the taxpayers contributing tirelessly towards realizing India's aspirations, for they are the unsung heroes of its journey towards prosperity and progress.

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Aditya PittieAditya Pittie, an accomplished entrepreneur and angel investor, heads Pittie Enterprises Group, a diverse conglomerate spanning precision automotive and aerospace components, solar energy solutions, Fintech, real estate, and angel investing. He actively engages in angel investing and mentors startups for the Atal Innovation Mission, Government of India, and the Atal Incubation Centre-Rambhau Mhalgi Prabhodhini. Serving as a Regional Ambassador for the MIT Alumni Association and a board member of the MIT South Asia Alumni Association, Aditya played a pivotal role as a founder member of the University of Michigan India Alumni Association (UMIAA) and served on the University of Michigan Engineering Alumni Board. With a background as the Past President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Pune, he presently holds the position of Convenor (Western Maharashtra) for the BJP Intellectual Cell. 

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