Subko Coffee Roasters Bags $10 Mn Funding From Prominent Investors

Subko Coffee Roasters gets $10M funding from notable investors. Who are the investors? What are Subko's expansion plans? Who transitioned from a customer to its investor? Read all the details in the article.

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Subko Coffee Roasters, a prominent name in the specialty coffee and cocoa industry, has successfully closed a funding round, raising a substantial USD 10 million from renowned personalities from Bollywood and startup landscape. 

Led by notable investors such as Nikhil Kamath of Zerodha, the Blume Founders Fund, The Gauri Khan Family Trust, and Bollywood actor John Abraham, this investment signifies a significant milestone for the company. 

The funding round also saw participation from JSW Foundation's Sangita Jindal, Srinivas and Pallavi Dempo, and The Mehta International Mauritius Ltd Group, among others.

Rahul Reddy, Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Subko, expressed his gratitude for the investors' confidence in the company's vision. Reddy emphasized the strategic alignment with Nikhil Kamath's investment philosophy, highlighting their shared commitment to nurturing Indian brands with global aspirations. 

He outlined plans to allocate the newly acquired funds across several crucial areas, including talent acquisition, technological advancements to enhance customer experiences, and improvements in the supply chain for specialty green coffee and fine cacao beans.

 What Is Subko's Expansion Plans?

Subko has ambitious plans for expansion, both domestically and internationally. The company intends to utilize the funding to launch new 'ready to drink' coffee products and establish flagship experience cafés in selected cities worldwide. This move underscores Subko's dedication to providing customers with a unique craft café experience, blending quality beverages with innovative designs.

Nikhil Kamath's Transition from Customer to Investor

Nikhil Kamath, known as Zerodha's co-founder, shared his perspective on Subko's evolution. Transitioning from a loyal customer to an investor, Kamath commended the brand's growth trajectory and expressed enthusiasm for its future endeavors. Despite his existing investment in Third Wave Coffee, Kamath's decision to invest in Subko underscores his keen interest in the specialty coffee market and his belief in Subko's potential for further growth.

What Makes Subko Attractive for Investors?

Subko prides itself on its direct trade relationships with farmers, emphasizing hyper-traceability in its supply chain. Innovative practices such as blockchain-enabled coffee tracking and direct tipping systems for coffee farmers ensure not only quality but also support sustainable farming practices. With a focus on showcasing its products through flagship cafés, pop-up stores, and global shipping, Subko aims to provide customers worldwide with a unique and sustainable coffee experience.

With a diverse product lineup, including caffeinated beverages, baked goods, and coffee roasters, Subko continues to redefine the coffee culture landscape, both locally and internationally.

How Will Subko Utilize The Funds?

Post this funding, the Mumbai-based company’s valuation has increased to USD 34 million, Subko said.

The newly raised capital will be utilised to strengthen the talent pool, develop tech-enabled customer experiences, conduct research and development for product design, and improve farm-level infrastructure for specialty green coffee and fine cacao beans.

Subko also plans to launch new 'ready to drink' coffee products and flagship experience cafés in selected cities worldwide.

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