SimpleO.AI: A Startup Simplifying Contract Management for Startups

Former Times Internet CEO, Gautam Sinha, has launched his own startup. Explore how this startup simplifies enterprise processes using generative AI and makes contract management easier for businesses. Read on to discover more.

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Former CEO of Times Internet, Gautam Sinha, has embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey with the launch of, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup aimed at simplifying contract management for enterprises. Sinha, backed by notable entrepreneurs and investors like Satyan Gajwani from Times Internet and Sahil Barua from Delhivery, envisions leveraging generative AI to streamline enterprise processes, beginning with contract management and its associated complexities.

Before his tenure at Times Internet, Sinha served as the Chief Operating Officer of CashEdge, a New York and California-based company specializing in payments and wealth management. His professional journey also includes senior management roles at Sevant, Aspect Communications, and a stint as a scientist at the Ministry of Defense in India (DRDO).

How is Transforming Enterprise Processes?, an abbreviation for Simple Office, aims simplifying enterprise operations using AI. The startup's initial focus lies on revolutionizing contract management by addressing risks, obligations, SLAs, audits, compliance, and governance associated with contracts. In a press release, the company highlighted its commitment to using AI to streamline and optimize various facets of enterprise management.

“SimpleO comes with an intelligent Co-Pilot for your organizations to help you with every task related to contract management. SimpleO’s AI simplifies every stage of the contract management lifecycle for your organization and makes it more efficient, mitigates contractual risks and manages contractual obligations easily,” says the website of the startup.

How Does works?

SimpleO's AI-Powered engine creates instant executive summarization and automatic highlighting of risks, obligations, important dates, payment terms, exit terms and many more. The platform helps in making decisions based on pricing, indemnity, potential risks, opportunity for clause inclusion or exclusion for a large number of contracts instantly which would otherwise have been resource intensive and nearly impossible, according to the information on the website.

With an aim of making the Contracts Life Cycle Simple, the startups work in US and India. It helps more businesses experience the joy of managing contract lifecycles without worrying about risks, obligations, and missed timelines.'s Future Outlook

As takes its first steps into the market, Sinha and his team are determined to reshape how enterprises handle contracts and associated processes. The integration of generative AI promises to bring efficiency and simplicity to an otherwise complex landscape of risks, obligations, and compliance. With the support of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, aims to make a substantial impact on enterprise management, setting the stage for further innovations in the realm of artificial intelligence and business optimization.

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