National Startup Award Winners! Meet The Top Startups Of 2022!

The National Startup Awards 2022 has recognized and rewarded outstanding startups and enablers in India

From a pool of 84 finalists, 20 groundbreaking startups stood out in 15 diverse categories, including "Women Forging Innovation," "Gen-Next Visionaries," and "Guardians of Heritage"

These game-changers span industries like agritech, fintech, insurtech, and climatetech, showcasing the breadth of India's entrepreneurial spirit

Union Minister of Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal bestowed the awards upon these exceptional ventures and announced the upcoming "Startup Maha Kumbh" in March 2024, which promises to be a monumental gathering of India's brightest minds, investors, and changemakers

Some of the top startups include Axial AeroDefence, Country Clay (OPC), Blackfrog Technologies, Atsuya Technologies, SNL Innovations, Aumsat Technologies, Nanosafe Solutions, Aum Paper Products, Atypical Platform, Saif Automations Services, Krishigati Electric Bull, Avinya Infinity Solutions, Jiva Business Ventures, Canectar Foods, VVP Healthcare Evolution, Vividminds Technologies, Eeki Automation, Breathe Applied Sciences, Greenviro Global, and Autocracy Machinery

These startups are revolutionizing various sectors such as defense, handicrafts, healthtech, agritech, biotech, sustainability, HR tech, robotics, insurtech, foodtech, deeptech, and climate tech

The National Startup Awards highlight the entrepreneurial potential and innovation in India, encouraging more startups to thrive

This recognition boosts the reputation and visibility of the awarded startups, attracting potential investors and partners

The awards ceremony was held on India's National Startup Day, creating an electrifying atmosphere and celebrating the achievements of these exceptional ventures

The National Startup Awards contribute to the growth and development of India's startup ecosystem, positioning the country as a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship