Breakthrough Diabetes Treatment from Hyderabad Startup!

India currently holds the title of having the highest number of diabetics worldwide. A Hyderabad-based startup has introduced a promising solution to reduce blood glucose levels. Read on to delve into the details of this groundbreaking treatment.

Swati Dayal
19 May 2023 Updated On 20 May 2023
आविष्कारी Entrepreneur

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In a breakthrough that could bring relief to millions of people suffering from diabetes, Reagene Innovation Private Limited, a startup company incubated at the ASPIRE-BioNEST incubation center at the University of Hyderabad, has unveiled a promising new treatment option. This innovative approach aims to reduce blood glucose levels, which can have detrimental effects on various organs such as the heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves. While there are several drugs available for managing Type 2 diabetes, many patients struggle to achieve normal glucose levels, making this new development particularly significant.

Diabetes in Indians

Diabetes has emerged as a significant health concern in India, with a rising number of cases affecting the population. This chronic condition, characterized by elevated blood glucose levels, poses serious risks to individuals' health and well-being. 

India currently holds the unenviable title of having the highest number of diabetics worldwide. According to recent statistics, an estimated 77 million Indians were diagnosed with diabetes in 2021, a number projected to reach a staggering 134 million by 2045. Both urban and rural areas are affected, with a higher incidence observed in urban regions due to lifestyle changes and unhealthy dietary habits.

Targeting Intestinal Glucose Absorption

One of the key factors contributing to high blood glucose levels is the absorption of dietary glucose by the small intestine. Recognizing this, the scientists at Reagene Innovation developed chicken antibodies that specifically target a protein called SGLT1, responsible for transporting glucose. Initial experiments using these chicken antibodies demonstrated improved glucose levels and glycemic profiles in animal models, suggesting a potential new therapy for humans.

Feasibility and Regulatory Approval

The use of chicken-derived IgY antibodies in humans is widely accepted by regulatory bodies around the world, making this approach highly feasible as a treatment for diabetes. 

Dr. Satish Chandran, CEO of ProdIgY Bio Inc, USA, a collaborator of Reagene, expressed his optimism, stating, "Type 2 diabetes requires new approaches urgently, so the demonstration of a potential new treatment option is very exciting." 

Dr. Subrahmanyam Vangala, Co-Founder of Reagene Innovations, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need for innovative ideas to bring relief to the millions of diabetics in India, which currently holds the unfortunate title of having the highest number of diabetics worldwide.

Supporting Start-ups with Innovative Ideas

The ASPIRE-BioNEST incubator, led by Professors GS Prasad and S Rajagopal, played a crucial role in nurturing Reagene Innovation's groundbreaking work. The incubator, which fosters a supportive start-up ecosystem, aims to provide a platform for new ideas and innovations. Each new development emerging from this incubator adds significant value and has the potential to address critical healthcare challenges.

Reagene Innovations Pvt Ltd has already garnered recognition for its remarkable contributions. The company won two first prizes for poster presentations at the 5th Annual Conference of the Society for Alternatives to Animal Experimentation held in Trivandrum last year. Their winning presentation focused on the development of the "First Fully Integrated 3D Bioprinted Human-like Model for Type 2 Diabetes." These accolades further validate the groundbreaking research carried out by Reagene Innovation and highlight the potential impact of their work on diabetes treatment.

A Glimmer of Hope for Diabetes Patients

With their pioneering approach to reducing blood glucose levels in diabetes patients, Reagene Innovation Private Limited has emerged as a ray of hope for those living with this chronic disease. As they continue to refine their treatment option, the potential benefits for patients could be immense. By targeting intestinal glucose absorption, Reagene's innovative therapy offers a promising avenue to alleviate the burden of diabetes and improve the lives of millions worldwide.