How a Microbook startup is Redefining Self-Improvement? Check out here

Wondering how self-improvement is evolving? Learn about Oter, a Microbook startup is redefining the journey. Explore the full interview with Mr. Gaurav Khanna for a glimpse into the future of personal growth!

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How a Microbook startup is Redefining Self Improvement Dive In Now

Amidst the rapid pace of modern life, the quest for personal growth and self-improvement stands as a timeless pursuit. Global Self-Improvement Market is poised for significant growth from 2023 to 2032. In 2023, the global self-improvement market valued at USD 41.2 Billion and is projected to reach USD 81.6 Billion by 2032.

In an age where information is abundant yet time is scarce, individuals seek innovative solutions to enhance their knowledge and skills. This insatiable hunger for learning has sparked a revolution in the way we consume and engage with content, paving the way for transformative platforms that transcend traditional boundaries.

In this dynamic landscape, various platforms have emerged to cater to the evolving needs of knowledge seekers. One such platform, Oter, offers a unique approach to self-improvement through its innovative Microbook platform. Positioned within the broader context of digital learning solutions, Oter aims to provide users with curated insights and bite-sized lessons, facilitating their journey towards personal growth and enlightenment.

But what is Oter all about? Why this Microbook platform is suddenly becoming popular? To find out answers to all these questions, TICE recenlty got into a quick conversation with Mr. Gaurav Khanna, Co-founder Oter.

What is Oter?

According to Khanna, Oter is not just another e-reader or summary app; it is a meticulously crafted tool designed to distill the wisdom of thousands of books into easily accessible text and audio lessons, catering to the fast-paced lifestyles of modern knowledge seekers.

Talking about the idea behind Oter, he said, "The inspiration comes from the universal truth that every book wants to teach you something. And with Oter we bring those teachings, that wisdom to users around the world in the most intuitive format."

Self Improvement... A booming Industry

Global Self-Improvement Market is poised for significant growth from 2023 to 2032. In 2023, the global self-improvement market valued at USD 41.2 Billion and is projected to reach USD 81.6 Billion by 2032.

However, Oter, as a Microbook platform, is quite different from other self-improvement platforms.

Explaining how it differs, Khanna said, "Oter is not just an e-reader; it is much more than a short-summary app. With Oter, we bring users expert information, wisdom, and insights from authors around the world, covering various areas of interest and expertise in an accessible, easily readable format. This is something no other app is currently doing, making Oter the first and only Microbook platform. This content format we have created aims to raise awareness and foster user engagement. With Oter, we are developing a product that provides people with ideas, motivation, and a structured learning approach—all they need to do is commit about 15 minutes a day to their personal growth."

Challenges in Starting Up

Moving further, Khanna also took us through the initial days. While sharing challenges he faced during the development and launch phases of Oter, and how did he overcome them? Khanna told one of the key challenge was finding a right team. Well! it is a common challenge for every startup out there, isn't it?

Speaking further about the challenges that Oter initially faced, Khanna asserted, "I think our key challenge from the start was hiring the right team. We have worked and continue to work with individuals across various geographies, including Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, India, and Bangladesh. Creating harmony for effective collaboration among team members in different locations was something we managed by ensuring we utilized a lean stack of tools. Last year, we finally convened for a team offsite in India, and I believe that greatly contributed to the team's enhanced understanding of each other, which has proven invaluable."

Next, we discussed how this unique idea came into being.

Khanna shared, "Microbooks are a new content format for a very busy, hectic mobile-friendly generation of knowledge seekers. We believe there is infinite wisdom in all the books that so many of us might not get around to reading due to lack of time or interest, but wisdom should be easily accessible. With Microbooks, we bring users the must-read highlights from books that can help them get closer to their specific work and life goals. So they get access to bookish wisdom even if they don’t have the time or inclination to pick up the book."

Microbooks are emerging as a new trend. But Khanna made it clear that Microbooks are not a replacement for traditional reading. The concept differs from traditional reading methods by catering to those who are curious but don’t have the time or those who read a lot and need easy ways to revise and remember the highlights of the books they found useful or enjoyed reading. 

To conclude the conversation, he revealed that presently Oter is planing to expand in India. 

While our current marketing focus is India, what we are building with Oter is a global app which works for people with goals and the desire for bookish knowledge anywhere in the world. What changes in terms of strategy is the conversation, trends and cultural differences that help us identify the goals and product features to push to a specific audience. In terms of the software and development, we are of course location agnostic. Our content is in English and that ensures the content is accessible to audiences across various regions. 

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