What is EasMyTrip? A Startup Making Bold Move Over Maldives Issue!

Do you know who Nishant Pitti & Prashant Pitti are? The duo who taking a decisive stand—suspending all flights to the Maldives. What is India-Maldives controversy and why EaseMyTrip is suspending its flights to Maldives? Read on to know!

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EasMyTrip Homegrow Startup Making Bold Move Over Maldives Issue

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Amidst the ongoing online campaign to boycott the Maldives, the Indian startup EaseMyTrip has taken a noteworthy step by suspending all flight bookings to the Maldives. This decision follows derogatory remarks made by some now-suspended ministers against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, particularly in response to his recent visit to Lakshadweep.

Nishant Pitti, the co-founder and CEO of the Indian online travel startup, expressed solidarity with the nation through social media. Recently, a video of Prashant Pitti also surfaced across social media, where he took a strong stand on this ongoing controversy. In his address, Prashant clearly stated that EaseMyTrip, which registered a turnover of 8000 crores last year, is a complete homegrown, Made-in-India startup. He declared, 'Going forward, EaseMyTrip will not accept any flight bookings for the Maldives.'

But do you know who these individuals are, taking a strong stand in this ongoing controversy? Let's find out!

What is EasyMyTrip?

EaseMyTrip is a comprehensive online startup platform designed with end-users in mind, empowering them to travel freely without unnecessary concerns. Whether it's booking flights, exploring attractions, securing cab services for the journey, or planning an entire budget-friendly holiday, EaseMyTrip provides travelers with peace of mind.

The startup was founded in 2008 by Nishant Pitti, Rikant Pitti, and Prashant Pitti. Over the years, EaseMyTrip has emerged as a disruptive concept in the realm of Indian internet travel firms. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company offers a range of services, including hotel reservations, airline tickets, vacation packages, bus reservations, and various white-label offerings.

Who is Nishant Pitti?

The visionary behind the business, Nishant, set out to establish a prominent position in the travel and tourism sectors, serving as the company's CEO. Armed with a bachelor's degree in commerce from Delhi University, he transformed into a successful entrepreneur in the travel industry. His unwavering commitment to delivering impeccable services to both Indian and international travelers culminated in the creation of India's premier travel agency. Between 2012 and 2014, Nishant served as the honorary secretary of the Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI). Beyond his ventures in travel, he also ventured into filmmaking, co-producing the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Madaari.'

Who is Prashant Pitti?

Serving as an adviser to Easy Trip Planners Pvt. Ltd., Prashant Pitti brings a wealth of experience as an accomplished industrialist with a diverse background. Renowned for his exceptional marketing abilities and innovative ideas, he possesses a remarkable acumen for various business domains. Holding a BTech degree from IIT Madras, Prashant gained approximately three years of experience in the United States, where he worked as an assistant vice president in HSBC's Risk Department in Chicago. Under his vigilant guidance, EasyMyTrip.com has established itself as a prominent player. Prashant firmly believes that the combination of technology, skilled individuals, and a sophisticated management team can propel any business to new heights of success.

Who is Rikant Pitti?

A co-founder of Easy Trip Planners Pvt. Ltd., Rikant Pitti stands as one of India's youngest entrepreneurs. With approximately eight years of experience as a seasoned investor, he has infused fresh perspectives into the online travel sector. Armed with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) from Kurukshetra University, Rikant has played a pivotal role in the company's growth. His comprehensive understanding of the travel business, coupled with its intersection with e-commerce, has solidified the organization's standing as a household name among discerning Indian travelers. Notably, Rikant operated Duke Travel Agency during his college years.

EaseMyTrip's Bold Move Over India-Maldives Tesnsions

Nishant Pitti, the co-founder and CEO of the Indian online travel startup, expressed solidarity with the nation through social media.

EaseMyTrip, based in New Delhi and founded by Nishant Pitti, Rikant Pitti, and Prashant Pitti in 2008, launched the #ChaloLakshadweep campaign, supporting India's visit Lakshadweep initiative.

On January 4, Prashant Pitti shared a post, stating, "The water and beaches of Lakshadweep are just as stunning as Maldives/Seychelles. We at @EaseMyTrip will introduce exciting special offers to promote this pristine destination that our PM @narendramodi has recently visited!"

Recently, Prashant Pitti's video also surfaced across the social media, taking a strong stand as a homegrown startup.

What is India-Maldives Controversy?

It all started with a social media post by PM Modi. Recently, Modi visited Lakhdweep, mesmerized with its beauty, he took to social media and shared some pictures captioneing them as, "For those who wish to embrace the adventurer in them, Lakshadweep has to be on your list."

A seemingly unremarkable incident has ignited controversy and the potential for strained relations between India and the Maldives.

The controversy originated when three deputy ministers in the Maldives' Ministry of Youth Affairs—Maryam Shiuna, Malsha Shareef, and Mahzoom Majid—made disparaging comments about India and the Prime Minister following his recent visit to Lakshadweep.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Shiuna alluded to India's connections with Israel, with her colleagues subsequently suggesting that the Indian Prime Minister's visit to Lakshadweep was a deliberate challenge to Maldivian tourism, renowned for its pristine beachside amenities.

In response, the Indian government raised the issue with the Maldives, leading to the suspension of the three ministers. The Maldives government released a statement, asserting, "The Government of Maldives is aware of derogatory remarks on social media platforms against foreign leaders and high-ranking individuals. These opinions are personal and do not represent the views of the Government of Maldives." Additionally, the Maldives government emphasized its belief in freedom of expression but urged that it be exercised responsibly.

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