It's Been the Coldest January For Startups... Checkout Why?

Step into the frosty landscape of January's startup arena, where the chilling winds of the funding winter blow strong: What factors contribute to this unprecedented cold snap? Read on to find out!

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Coldest January For Startups Funding Hits Record Low

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In January, Indian startups grappled with funding winter, witnessing a sharp decline in monthly funding inflow. With January marking over a year since its onset, the startup landscape saw significant turbulence, characterized by mass layoffs, closures of several companies, and high-profile departures, keeping the ecosystem on edge. Amidst these challenges, one standout was Bhavish Aggarwal-led AI startup Krutrim, which achieved unicorn status in record time.


According to TheKredible Indian startups secured $732.7 million across 107 deals in January. This funding comprised 21 growth-stage deals totaling $418.3 million and 70 early-stage deals amounting to $314.4 million. Additionally, there were 16 undisclosed rounds, indicating a varied landscape of investment activity.


Funding Trends: A Closer Look


In January, funding for Indian startups witnessed a significant downturn compared to the previous month, plummeting from $1.7 billion in December 2023. Moreover, this decline marked the lowest funding amount for January in the past three years when examining year-on-year data. Notably, January saw no startup securing funding exceeding the three-digit million dollars mark. Explore the month-on-month (M-o-M) and year-on-year (Y-o-Y) trends depicted below.

Top Funded Ventures


In January, Fintech firm Vivifi emerged as the top recipient of funding, securing a substantial $75 million investment. Joining the ranks of the top five funded startups were AiDash, WoW! Momo, Impact Analytics, and BluSmart, showcasing the diverse sectors attracting investor attention.

Additionally, three growth-stage enterprises, namely OneCard, Infra.Market, and Yulu, opted for debt funding to fuel their expansion plans, illustrating alternative financing strategies in the startup ecosystem.



But apart from this, January also showcased a dynamic landscape in the world of startups, marked by a flurry of funding activities, strategic mergers, and notable shifts in executive leadership. Let's have a look!

Standout Early-Stage Deals

In the realm of early-stage funding, notable accomplishments unfolded in January, headlined by Bhavish Aggarwal-led Krutrim SI Designs securing a remarkable $50 million investment, propelling it to the coveted status of the fastest unicorn in the Indian startup landscape.


Joining the ranks of top-funded early-stage ventures were International Battery Finance, along with fintech startups StockGro, FinAGG, and Ecofy. Notably, StockGro emerged as the frontrunner in debt funding for the month.

Navigating the Stages: Deal Breakdown

In January, the startup ecosystem traversed various funding stages, reflecting a diverse range of investment activities. Seed funding took center stage with 35 deals, showcasing early support for promising ventures. This was followed by 19 Series A deals, 15 pre-Series A deals, and 12 pre-seed deals, highlighting the progression of startups through their initial stages of development.


In the growth-stage arena, Series C and Series B funding rounds each secured eight deals, underscoring the maturation of established startups. Additionally, the landscape saw five debt funding rounds, signaling alternative financing avenues for companies poised for expansion.

Regional Funding Insights

Bengaluru maintained its lead in terms of city-wise deals, securing 37 deals totaling around $317.13 million, representing close to 43% of the total funding raised in January. Following closely, Delhi-NCR-based startups secured 24 deals amounting to $107.91 million, while Mumbai saw 17 deals. Other cities contributing to the funding landscape include Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Thane, among others.

Segment Spotlight: Industry Focus

Fintech startups took the spotlight in January, leading the segment-wise distribution with 20 deals. They were closely followed by e-commerce (18), healthtech (11), and SaaS (7). Agritech, EV, edtech, AI, foodtech, and manufacturing startups also secured positions among the top 10, reflecting the diverse range of industries attracting investor interest.

Merger and Acquisitions

January witnessed nine significant mergers and acquisitions, shaping the startup ecosystem. Notable deals included Infosys' acquisition of automotive semiconductor design firm InSemi, DMI Group's acquisition of BNPL startup ZestMoney, and Veranda's acquisition of edtech firm Tapasya Educational Institutions. Other notable transactions involved Nodwin Gaming's acquisition of event hosting company Comic Con India and MakeMyTrip's acquisition of cab services platform Savaari Car Rentals.

Layoffs, Shutdowns, and Executive Exits

Startups faced challenges on multiple fronts, with over 600 layoffs reported across three companies. Swiggy led the way with 350 layoffs, followed by and InMobi. Flipkart also made headlines for reportedly laying off over 1,000 employees, awaiting official confirmation. Additionally, several startups witnessed top-level executive exits, including Udaan, Indus Appstore, KnowledgeHut, DealShare, and Fashinza. In addition to layoffs, Rario and ByteDance's Resso announced the shutdown of their operations, with Rario planning to introduce a new product by March this year.

Disclaimer: Data for this report is not our original data, it is sourced from Entracker.

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