Breaking Down Byju's: The Shocking Truth Behind Credibility Meltdown!

Is it time for the ouster of Byju's founder from his edtech? Is Byju's credibility in crisis amid investor unrest? What are the main challenges facing Byju's? Why isn't the $900 mn Aakash acquisition aiding the edtech? Read on for in-depth insights.

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One of Byju's primary hurdles is credibility, with a pressing need to retain its extensive customer base. Over the past few years, Byju's rapidly expanded its customer numbers, reaching claims of 150 million at one point. However, these customers were often acquired through aggressive sales tactics, relying heavily on back-to-back loans from Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).


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Breaking Down Byju's Turmoil: Investor Demands, Bankruptcy, and More!


Latest Developments Around BYJU's Crisis 

  • Investors push for founders' removal amid Byju's crisis, calling for CEO Raveendran Byju's dismissal.
  • EGM notice issued by Byju's investors, expressing deep concern about the company's stability.
  • Byju's US unit files for bankruptcy, citing liabilities of $1-10 billion.
  • Cash-strapped Byju's to raise $200 million after a 99% valuation cut.

Byju's Unmasked: The Fallout from Defaults, Misselling, and NBFC Exodus!

The recent default and misselling by Byju's have led to NBFCs withdrawing support, leaving the responsibility of collections solely on Byju's sales team. Dissatisfaction among existing customers has risen due to alleged wrongful product sales, poor service quality, and persistent attempts to collect EMIs even after cancellations.


To address these issues, Byju's acquired Aakash Institute, a significant move costing around $900 million. However, with Aakash now having a new investor, Ranjan Pai, Byju's cannot tap into Aakash's assets any further. This limitation poses a challenge for Byju's, which has been relying on such cash withdrawals.

Byju's credibility took a hit when it stopped reporting its finances, leading to a loss of trust from investors. Discrepancies between reported revenues in 2022 and the actual figures in January 2024 further eroded confidence. The credibility problem has hindered Byju's ability to secure finances or debt from NBFCs.

Yatish Rajawat


Basically, Bayju's over the last four or five years expanded its customer base enormously. At one time it claimed that it had 150 million customers on its roles. Sometimes it claimed 40 million, but it had a very large customer base, anywhere between 40 million to 150 million. Now these customers who were acquired were acquired in a very rapid sales manner. There was a lot of missed selling. Most of these customers were acquired by back to back loans from NBFCs. - K. Yatish Rajawat, Sr. Journalist & Policy Commentrator.

Behind Byju's Numbers: Financial Discrepancies, Gaps, and Troubles!

The recently reported financial results revealed a substantial loss, attributed to the acquisition of Whitehat Jr. The CFO mentioned discontinuing funding for this loss, but it appears Byju's is yet to fully acknowledge the broader challenge of a diminishing customer base and the repercussions of past misselling.


The path to recovery for Byju's involves recognising the credibility loss, acknowledging the challenges in scaling up rapidly, and addressing customer concerns. While cleaning up financial records is essential, it alone cannot restore trust or attract new customers.

The promoters have lost their credibility. In September of 2022, Byju's actually reported that it had crossed gross revenues of 10,000 crores. It said that for the four month period between April and July 2022, it has a revenue of almost 4500 crores. Now, if you look at the actual revenues that Bayju's has reported in January 2024, two years down the line, it is 5298 crores. So there's a gap of almost 4800 crores, which is not a small figure between what it said and what it has actually reported. The CFO who was speaking while reporting the revenues, said that these numbers are accurate and the auditors have also said that there is no fraud, etc. But if there is a gap of 4800 crores between what was reported earlier and what is reported now, so either the earlier reporting was false or there is still something wrong somewhere. - K. Yatish Rajawat, Sr. Journalist & Policy Commentrator.

Byju's Uphill Battle: Tackling $1.3 Billion Debt, Rebuilding Credibility, and Navigating Financial Turbulence


Moreover, Byju's faces outstanding debts, including a $1.3 billion loan in the US. Securing liquidity to fulfill these obligations remains a critical task for the company.

Byju's must confront its credibility issues head-on, adopt transparent practices, and implement strategies to regain the trust of both existing and potential customers. Addressing financial discrepancies and settling outstanding debts are imperative steps for Byju's to navigate its way out of the current crisis.

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