Beyond Payments: Paytm's Bold Move into Merchant Health & Security

Doc on call, income safe? Paytm's got a new Rs 35/month plan for merchants with UNLIMITED consultations & income protection! Is this the future of business support? Click to find out!

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Revitalizing its merchant ecosystem, Paytm unveils a merchant sentric health & income protection plan. Fintech giant Paytm is revolutionizing its merchant support system with the launch of the Paytm Health Saathi plan. This industry-first initiative offers comprehensive healthcare and income protection, starting at a remarkably low Rs 35 per month.


Unveiling Paytm Health Saathi

Accessible through the Paytm for Business app, Paytm Health Saathi empowers merchants with a robust suite of healthcare benefits. This strategic move strengthens Paytm's commitment to merchant well-being and business continuity.

Affordable & Comprehensive Healthcare


Paytm says that its Health Saathi prioritizes affordability and accessibility. The plan features:

  • Unlimited Doctor Teleconsultations: Powered by MediBuddy, merchants gain instant access to medical advice through unlimited teleconsultations.
  • In-Person Doctor Visits: The plan covers OPD (Out-Patient Department) visits within a network of partner healthcare providers, ensuring direct medical attention.

Income Protection - A Safety Net for Merchants


Beyond healthcare, Paytm Health Saathi offers a unique income protection feature. This safeguard protects merchants' financial stability during unforeseen disruptions caused by:

  • Accidental Injuries
  • Natural Calamities (floods, fires, etc.)
  • Strikes

Enhanced Support System for Merchant Community


A Paytm spokesperson highlighted the company's dedication to its merchants: "Paytm Health Saathi embodies our unwavering commitment to merchant well-being. This plan provides affordable, comprehensive coverage that empowers their business continuity."

"This initiative is part of our mission to equip them with comprehensive and affordable coverage that supports their continued operations. By offering tailored solutions aligned to their needs, we aim to strengthen the robust support system we provide to our community of business owners."

Key Benefits of Paytm Health Saathi

  • Unmatched Affordability: Starting at just ₹35/month, the plan offers extensive healthcare and income protection, making it accessible to all merchants.
  • Unlimited Teleconsultations: Get timely medical advice with unlimited consultations powered by MediBuddy.
  • In-Person Doctor Visits: Access a network of partner healthcare providers for direct consultations.
  • Income Protection: Safeguard your business against financial losses due to accidents, natural disasters, and strikes.
  • Additional Benefits: Enjoy exclusive discounts at leading pharmacies and diagnostic centers for maximized savings.

Strengthening Merchant Relationships

The claim process for Paytm Health Saathi is designed for ease and efficiency. Merchants can complete claims within the app with just a few clicks.

The pilot launch of Paytm Health Saathi in May garnered immense interest, with over 3,000 merchants signing up. Building on this success, Paytm has now made the plan available to all its merchants.


Paytm Health Saathi goes beyond healthcare, fostering stronger relationships with merchants. It provides a safety net for income stability while addressing healthcare needs.

In a fiscally challenging climate, Paytm Health Saathi showcases the company's proactive approach to merchant support. By offering affordable healthcare and income protection, Paytm empowers its merchants, fostering resilience and well-being. This initiative signifies Paytm's dedication to democratizing access to essential services and building a more robust support system for its merchant community.

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