Amazon Web Services Launches Accelerator For Space Startups in India

Amazon Web Services launches Space Tech Accelerator in India, offering startups mentorship and expertise from ISRO and IN-SPACe. Learn how the initiative empowers startups with cloud computing. Details inside!

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The Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing arm of e-commerce giant Amazon, unveiled its latest initiative - the AWS Space Accelerator: India, a move which will empower the startups in the space sector in India.

The program, launched in partnership with Hyderabad-based startup incubator T-Hub and AWS partner Minfy, stems from a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked by AWS with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe) in September of the previous year.

Empowering Space Startups Through a 14-Week Accelerator Program

The AWS Space Accelerator: India is designed as a 14-week accelerator program aimed at supporting both early-stage and mature space tech startups in the country. According to AWS, the program will offer a comprehensive suite of resources, expertise, and guidance in technology and business capabilities, empowering startups to utilize AWS services to build, grow, and scale their space missions.

How Will The Accelerator Support Space Tech Innovation?

Startups accepted into the accelerator program can access up to USD 100,000 in AWS credits. Moreover, they will receive invaluable mentoring support from experts associated with ISRO, IN-SPACe, and AWS, as well as business and technology support from T-Hub and Minfy. The selected startups will delve into various facets of space domain technologies and applications, learning how to leverage space data effectively. The program aims to equip participants with the skills needed to build scalable solutions utilizing cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning.

AWS underlined the potential application of generative artificial intelligence (AI) within the program, signaling a forward-looking approach to cutting-edge technology in the space sector.

Clint Crosier, Director of Aerospace and Satellite at AWS Inc, emphasized the pivotal role of cloud computing in shaping the future of the space industry.

“Cloud computing is crucial to power the future of the space industry. It enables space-tech startups to harness high-performance computing resources to perform intensive data analysis, apply machine learning models, and innovate in their missions, while achieving lower cost of operations, faster time-to-market, and deployment at scale,” said Crosier.

Strategic Collaboration Between ISRO and IN-SPACe for the Future

The AWS Space Accelerator: India is a tangible outcome of the collaboration initiated through the MoU signed with ISRO and IN-SPACe. By fostering an ecosystem that supports and nurtures space-tech startups, AWS aims to contribute to the growth and innovation within the Indian space technology landscape.

The accelerator program aligns with the broader mission of AWS to play a pivotal role in advancing technology and fostering innovation across various industries. By combining the strengths of AWS's cloud computing capabilities with the expertise of ISRO, IN-SPACe, T-Hub, and Minfy, the initiative is poised to accelerate the development of groundbreaking solutions in the field of space technology.

As the space industry continues to evolve and diversify, the AWS Space Accelerator: India stands as a testament to the commitment of major players in technology to support and propel the next generation of space entrepreneurs and innovators.

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