Redefining Public Relations with Innovation and Dedication

GPRC Pvt Ltd, led by Saurav Lohani and Animesh Kumar, is at the forefront of public relations, leveraging new trends and technology to offer comprehensive solutions to a diverse clientele.

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In today's world, technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the media landscape is constantly changing. As a result, every company needs to stay up to date with the latest industry developments. Public Relations is no exception; it is evolving alongside new trends and technologies. However, many people are still unaware of how PR is emerging as one of the most powerful tools for building and managing a brand's reputation. Global PR Connect (GPRC) Pvt. Ltd, one of the top digital PR agencies in Noida, is helping businesses to stay ahead of the time and meet the needs of their target audiences.

The Dynamic Duo Driving GPRC's Success

GPRC, founded by the dynamic duo Saurav Lohani and Animesh Kumar, has established itself as a leading public relations service provider in both Delhi-NCR and the digital marketing sector. Their unwavering commitment to creating an impactful image for their clients through the use of digital media, in addition to generating media coverage, has made them one of the most trusted and reliable providers of 360-degree public relations solutions. Their impressive track record of building and maintaining strong relationships with over 500 clients from diverse sectors such as politics, academics, businesses, corporate executives, arts, fashion, social media influencers, and the entertainment industry speaks volumes about their expertise and professionalism. GPRC's exceptional approach to maintaining client relationships has truly set them apart as the first choice for anyone seeking top-quality public relations services.

Innovation and Dedication: The Driving Force Behind GPRC's Excellence

Animesh Kumar and Saurav Lohani have formed an exceptional team in advertising and marketing, and their innovative vision has enabled them to achieve unprecedented levels of success. Their passion, coupled with years of experience, has enabled them to provide high-quality services at an affordable rate. Their dedication and commitment have made GPRC the best PR agency in the industry, and they have played a vital role in the growth and progress of the organization. Through their collaboration and GPRC's enthusiastic team, they have successfully enabled the organization to achieve its goals. Their contributions have been invaluable to GPRC's success, and their vision has inspired everyone around them to strive for excellence.

Global PR

Reaching New Heights: GPRC's Pan-India PR Service

Public relations is an essential tool for building networks and establishing long-lasting connections. Animesh Kumar, co-founder and director of Global PR Connect (GPRC), recognizes the importance of PR in reaching the right audience and providing the best service. Working round-the-clock, GPRC provides a pan-India service that covers over 20 publications, ensuring maximum coverage, and heightened brand visibility for their clients.

Crafting Compelling Narratives: The Art of Storytelling in PR

Saurav, co-founder and director of GPRC, believes that storytelling is the best way to cater to target audiences in the public relations and marketing industry. By presenting the story of a brand, client, or startup strategically using digital media and techniques, it becomes more approachable, enabling organic growth. GPRC is always committed to providing the best PR service and helping its clients achieve their goals with effective strategies.

Tailored Solutions for Success: GPRC's Customized PR Services

GPRC provides affordable and customized public relations services to help startups and businesses achieve their goals. GPRC has already published more than 3500 articles, which have helped many clients to improve their brand recognition and elevate their profile. They offer tailor-made packages that can benefit even small companies and provide various PR services such as creating personal profiles, writing feature articles, conducting interviews, and publishing press releases. With their expertise, GPRC can help you to promote your business effectively and achieve success.