See How These Startups Are Defying Year-End Layoffs With Hiring Spree?

Despite the prevalence of year-end layoffs, it is noteworthy that not all companies follow this trend. In the face of economic uncertainties, some forward-thinking startups are choosing a different path. Let's find out who are they?

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Startups Job Hiring Despite Year End Layoff Trends

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Year-end layoffs have become a common phenomnon for last couple of years. Reportedly, from 2022 to date, approximately 95 startups have laid off nearly 31,965 employees. Now, as we are again going towards the year-end, the industry has started feeling layoff chills. 


Recently, BYJU's laid off 120 employees, Physicswallah laid off 600 employees, L&T technology also laid off around 200 employees. But there are some startups that are defying the layoff trends and are on a hiring spree even amidst the year-end slowdown fear. 

Why Most Layoffs Occur During Year-End?

Year-end layoffs have become a recurring trend in recent years, sparking concerns and uncertainties across various industries. While the reasons behind such workforce reductions can be multifaceted, several key factors contribute to the surge in layoffs during this time of the year.

  1. Budgetary Constraints and Financial Planning: At the end of the fiscal year, companies often conduct a thorough financial review to assess their performance and plan for the upcoming year. If a company identifies budgetary constraints or anticipates financial challenges ahead, it may resort to layoffs as a strategic measure to cut costs and maintain fiscal viability.

  2. Performance Evaluation and Restructuring: Many organizations use the year-end period to evaluate employee performance and overall team efficiency. If a company is undergoing a restructuring phase or realigning its business strategy, layoffs may be implemented to streamline operations, remove redundancies, and ensure a more agile and cost-effective structure.

  3. Market Conditions and Economic Uncertainties: Economic conditions and market uncertainties can significantly influence a company's decision to downsize. Year-end layoffs may be a response to external factors such as economic downturns, changes in consumer behavior, or disruptions in the global market. Companies may opt for layoffs to adapt to these challenges and remain competitive.

  4. Meeting Investor Expectations: Publicly traded companies often face pressure from investors to meet financial targets and demonstrate consistent growth. When faced with challenges in achieving these expectations, companies may resort to layoffs as a short-term solution to appease investors and protect shareholder value.

  5. Contractual Agreements and Seasonal Trends: Some industries experience seasonal fluctuations in demand, and year-end layoffs may align with reduced business activity during certain periods. Additionally, contractual agreements or the completion of specific projects could contribute to temporary workforce reductions at the close of the year.

Startups Who Are Hiring Amid Layoffs

Despite the prevalence of year-end layoffs, it is noteworthy that not all companies follow this trend. In the face of economic uncertainties, some forward-thinking startups are choosing a different path. Instead of retrenching, they are actively expanding their teams, contributing to a positive narrative amid the layoff concerns.Wondering who are those startups? Scroll down and see!


Ekkaa Electronics

Ekkaa Electronics is spearheading an extensive expansion initiative, aiming to onboard 1,600-1,800 professionals within the next year. The LED TV manufacturer is making substantial investments, earmarking Rs 1,000 crore for a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. This venture includes complete backward integration and in-house design and manufacturing solutions.

Job opportunities are available for individuals with ITI certificates or an engineering background, spanning roles in production, inventory management, warehouse, and material management. Ekkaa is specifically seeking candidates with technical expertise in machinery and equipment operation, the ability to interpret technical drawings, knowledge of manufacturing processes, and proficiency in programming manufacturing devices.



Auto-tech startup Park+ is set to hire 250-300 professionals in the next six months, with approximately 100 positions catering to tech enthusiasts. The firm is actively expanding its AI, ML, and data science teams. Prospective candidates are expected to possess a deep understanding of machine learning, advanced analytics, advanced mathematics, and programming languages such as Python and Golang. A BTech degree in computer science or a related field is mandatory.



Logistics firm Borzo is planning to add 100-120 team members in 2024 as part of its global operational centralization strategy. A significant portion of these hires, 85 percent, will fortify the support team across various departments and enhance sales efforts. Borzo is actively recruiting for key roles in DevOps, Operations, and positions that contribute significantly to its operations.

The company is particularly interested in senior-level DevOps professionals with substantial expertise, focusing on experienced individuals who can bring advanced skills and knowledge to all open roles.

Rubix Data Sciences


Tech startup Rubix Data Sciences is aiming to onboard 60-75 new team members in the next six months to a year. The hiring focus spans sales and business development, data analysis, product development, risk analytics, operations management, finance analysis, customer support, collection management, finance leadership, and executive finance roles.

Given the critical role of data analysis in Rubix's operations, the company is seeking individuals with strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities. Proficiency in data mining, machine learning, statistical analysis, and experience with data visualization tools are highly valued. Equally crucial is the ability to communicate complex data findings clearly and concisely, facilitating informed decision-making within the organization.

For those inclined towards the product domain, Rubix is actively seeking individuals with experience in product development, emphasizing the ability to discern latent customer needs and translate them into product features.

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