Rapido Will Ride On ONDC Now To Simplify Chennai Metro Ticket Booking

Discover the future of commuting with Rapido's latest collaboration! How will seamless ticket booking revolutionize your daily travels? What innovative features await in the enhanced commute planning experience? Read on to know!

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Rapido Will Ride On ONDC Now To Simplify Chennai Metro Ticket Booking

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Rapido, the popular commuting app, has teamed up with the government-backed Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform. This collaboration aims to streamline the process of booking tickets for the Chennai Metro Rail Corporation (CMRL). With CMRL witnessing an impressive daily average of 2.66 lakh passengers in 2023, totaling a remarkable 9.11 crore passengers, this partnership promises to enhance the commuting experience for Chennai residents.

Enhanced Commute Planning Features 

Rapido's innovative commute planning feature now integrates various transportation modes, including bike taxis, cabs, and autos, alongside metro ticket bookings. This integration ensures a seamless and convenient experience for commuters, offering them multiple options to plan their journeys efficiently.

Expecting a substantial impact, Rapido foresees a minimum 15% surge in metro ticket purchases through its app. Leveraging its established customer base, Rapido aims to capitalize on the convenience of booking metro tickets alongside other transportation modes, further simplifying the commuting process for users.

iOS Version Coming Soon 

While the metro ticket booking feature is currently available for Android users, the eagerly awaited iOS version is already in development. The introduction of the iOS version will cater to a broader user base, ensuring that more commuters can benefit from the convenience offered by Rapido's integrated commuting solutions. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!

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