Check Out This New Accelerator Program For Prop-Tech Startups!

Managed by Awfficacy Capital, the VisionX Program is a 12-week rolling accelerator designed to elevate early-stage prop-tech startups. Read on to know more about it!

New Update

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NILA Spaces, a real estate company with a steadfast commitment to reshaping the industry through sustainability and technology integration, has unveiled the VisionX Program. This visionary initiative boasts a dedicated commitment of USD 1 million to support prop-tech startups, underscoring NILA Spaces' mission to drive digitalization and entrepreneurship in the Indian real estate sector.

What is VisionX Program?

Managed by Awfficacy Capital, the VisionX Program is a 12-week rolling accelerator designed to elevate early-stage prop-tech startups. Going beyond mere financial backing, the program comprises four crucial phases—business planning, strategy formulation, market research, and product/tech development. Participants will benefit from personalized mentorship, access to the prop-tech ecosystem, and immersive sessions on business development and investor readiness. Notably, the program places a special emphasis on scalability, dedicating specific weeks to exploring technological advancements in the real estate sector.

Eligibility Criteria for VisionX Program

To be considered for participation, startups must meet the following criteria:

- Seed-stage or early-stage startups.

- Demonstrating innovation in their product or service.

- Possessing high growth potential and scalability.

- Committed to actively engaging with mentors, advisors, and the prop-tech ecosystem at large.

Deep Vadodaria, CEO of NILA Spaces, highlighted the critical role of innovation in today's real estate landscape.

"In today's real estate evolution, innovation is a necessity, not a choice. The VisionX Program is our commitment to propel prop-tech startups, providing capital, mentorship, and a sustainable ethos—an investment in the future of real estate innovation and the promotion of entrepreneurship in the Indian youth."

"As we embark on this journey with the VisionX Program, the prop-tech market in India is poised for remarkable growth. In the coming years, we anticipate a substantial increase in the adoption of disruptive technologies in the real estate market," added Vadodaria.

"The VisionX Program channels resources into startups leading in technology, shaping the transformative era of the prop-tech market in India."

Awfficacy Capital's Perspective

Gautam Pai, Founder & CEO of Awfficacy Capital, expressed honor in collaborating with NILA Spaces on this visionary initiative.

"The VisionX Program is not just a momentary endeavor; it signifies the enduring commitment to fostering innovation and shaping the future of the prop-tech landscape. We aim to propel early-stage prop-tech startups toward success through mentorship, resources, and a focus on sustainable practices."

The VisionX Program stands as a testament to NILA Spaces' dedication to driving positive change in the real estate sector and nurturing the next generation of prop-tech innovators. As the program unfolds, it promises to contribute significantly to the evolution of the prop-tech market in India, marking a milestone in the intersection of technology and real estate.

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