Mentoring, Knowledge Sharing & Networking Key to Success: TiE Expert

TiE Global Expert encourages J&K Entrepreneurs to embrace mentorship, knowledge sharing, and networking as essential pillars for entrepreneurial success. Read on for details.

Swati Dayal
31 Jul 2023

In an engaging and interactive session, an expert from The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Global, shared his invaluable insights with entrepreneurs at the Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) today. B J Arun, the Trustee of TiE Global, deliberated on mentoring, knowledge sharing and networking and called them the key pillars for entrepreneurial success.

The event was organized by  JKEDI under the guidance of Commissioner Secretary, I&C, J&K, and aligns with the vision of Lt Governor, J&K, Manoj Sinha.

Creating an Entrepreneurial-Friendly Environment in Jammu and Kashmir

Ajaz Ahmad Bhat (IAS), Director JKEDI, welcomed BJ Arun and expressed his gratitude for his valuable expertise and insights. He emphasized the Institute's commitment to fostering an entrepreneurial-friendly environment in the region, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to succeed.

“Mr. Arun's visit to JKEDI served as a beacon of hope, encouraging local entrepreneurs to embrace a comprehensive approach towards achieving success. His vision of fostering a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region aligns seamlessly with TiE Global's mission of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. We see this opportunity as a beginning of new relationship with TiE Global and will certainly try to facilitate further meaningful connections in future,” said Director, JKEDI. 

The Role of Mentorship, Knowledge Sharing, and Networking in Entrepreneurial Success


During the session, B J Arun stressed on the three essential pillars that pave the way for entrepreneurial success - mentorship, knowledge sharing, and networking.

Significance of Mentorship and Knowledge Sharing

Acknowledging the prevailing entrepreneurial spirit in the region, he underscored the need to nurture and empower budding business minds in Jammu and Kashmir.

Arun emphasized the importance of learning from experienced mentors, who can offer valuable advice, connections, and life lessons. By having access to mentors, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions and navigate challenges with confidence. Furthermore, knowledge sharing was highlighted as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Collaborating with industry peers and experts provides specialized knowledge that fosters innovation and enhances business acumen. By encouraging a culture of knowledge exchange, Jammu and Kashmir's entrepreneurial landscape can flourish with fresh perspectives and inventive solutions.

“Entrepreneurs can benefit significantly from collaborating with industry peers and experts, gaining specialized knowledge that can foster innovation and enhance their business acumen. By creating a culture of knowledge exchange, Jammu and Kashmir's entrepreneurial landscape can thrive with fresh perspectives and inventive solutions,” he said.

Power of Networking and Building Connections

BJ Arun urged local entrepreneurs to join TiE Global's esteemed network and emphasized the power of networking within the business ecosystem. Networking opens doors to potential partnerships, clientele, investors, and industry influencers. By building meaningful connections, entrepreneurs can gain valuable support and resources to scale their ventures.

Aligning with the Vision of Empowering Entrepreneurs

This event at JKEDI is part of a series of initiatives undertaken to nurture an enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurship in the region. It aligns seamlessly with the vision of Lt. Governor, J&K, Manoj Sinha, to create an environment that fosters entrepreneurial growth and innovation.

Inspiring Aspirations and Interactive Q&A Session

The session concluded with an interactive Question & Answer session, where the entrepreneurs enthusiastically posed questions and shared their entrepreneurial aspirations. B J Arun's insightful responses left a profound impact on the participants, inspiring them to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys with renewed zeal.

TiE Global Trustee BJ Arun's visit to JKEDI pinned hope amongst the local entrepreneurs, encouraging them to embrace mentorship, knowledge sharing, and networking as essential pillars for entrepreneurial success.