Liminal Revolutionizes Asset Management with Vaults New App for Web3

The digital asset custody provider has expanded its accessibility to mobile, catering to both Android and iOS platforms. This expansion comes hand in hand with the introduction of new protocols and feature enhancements.

Shreshtha Verma
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Liminal Revolutionizes Asset Management Vaults New App Web3

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Liminal, the distinguished regulated digital asset custody provider known for its pioneering Multi-Party Computation (MPC) wallet framework, has officially launched the highly anticipated Vaults Android app. As a trailblazer in the industry, Liminal's introduction of this advanced app signifies a substantial leap forward in redefining digital asset management for Web3 enterprises.


Empowering On-the-Go Asset Control

The Vaults Android app by Liminal introduces a new paradigm of control and convenience over digital assets, enabling users to seamlessly manage transactions while on the move and facilitating collaborative asset management. Rooted in innovative secure MPC technology, the app revolutionizes transaction approvals by seamlessly amalgamating security and user-friendliness. Reinforced by an additional layer of authentication for each transaction, the app ensures robust key control, establishing itself as the preferred choice for Web3 organizations. Particularly noteworthy is the 'Share Shard' feature, enabling secure shard distribution among authorized parties, thereby fostering collaborative asset management. Reinforcing user confidence, the 'Restore Shard via Recovery Zip' feature guarantees effortless shard retrieval, ensuring continuous access to valuable digital assets in scenarios involving data loss or device transitions.

Dhruvil Shah, Senior Vice President of Technology at Liminal, shared his enthusiasm, "The launch of Liminal's Vaults Android app is a pivotal moment for Android users. In an era of rapid Web3 evolution, our commitment remains unwavering—to provide a secure and user-centric platform tailored to the contemporary needs of businesses and individuals. This app empowers secure transaction approvals on the fly, instilling trust in managing diverse digital assets across a spectrum of devices."

Innovation in Asset Management Rahil Shaikh, Assistant Vice President of Product and Blockchain at Liminal, underscored the centrality of innovation in digital asset management. "Our dedication to effective asset management hinges on innovation. The launch of the Vaults Android app, along with the Smart Consolidation feature and expanded protocol support, exemplifies our commitment to empowering users with advanced solutions that streamline the complexities of asset management. These updates harmonize security, efficiency, and user convenience, effectively catering to the evolving demands of the dynamic Web3 ecosystem."


Introducing Smart Consolidation: Elevating Efficiency

Liminal introduces the groundbreaking "Smart Consolidation" feature, a game-changer in digital asset management. This feature automates the consolidation of smaller balances into a single address, optimizing transaction flow, reducing gas fees, and minimizing manual intervention. Importantly, it fortifies security by transferring wallet balances exceeding a designated threshold to cold wallets, significantly enhancing protection against potential threats.

Unlocking New Possibilities with Protocol Support


The latest update integrates support for innovative protocols, including zkEVM, BSC, and AVAX, thereby empowering Web3 enterprises to proficiently manage EVM-based assets on the zkEVM chain, all while capitalizing on Liminal's pioneering Gas Fee Saver feature. Notably, the inclusion of BSC and AVAX testnet support alongside existing mainnet support empowers Liminal users to experiment and develop Web3 applications across diverse networks, ushering in new dimensions of development possibilities.

A Pinnacle of Innovation in Digital Asset Management

These enhancements underscore Liminal's unwavering commitment to spearhead innovation in digital asset management, providing users with a comprehensive suite of tools that redefine secure asset management in the dynamic Web3 landscape.