End of Chip Shortages? India-US Partnership on Semiconductors!

Feeling the pinch of slow tech? From smartphones to laptops, the global chip shortage has impacted everyone. But what's causing it, and is there a solution in sight? Know how this partnership will solve the issue!

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India US Partnership Semiconductors

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Ever wonder why your new phone order keeps getting delayed? Or why the push for clean energy seems to be hitting a roadblock? The answer might lie in a tiny, hidden component: semiconductors and critical minerals.


These essential resources are the building blocks of modern technology, from powering our devices to fueling a sustainable future. But a global shortage has thrown a wrench into the works.  Now, two tech giants – India and the United States – are joining forces.

Could this collaboration be the key to overcoming these challenges and shaping the future of technology? Let's find out with us at TICE.News.

India-US Partnership


India and the United States are joining forces to boost their capabilities in semiconductors and critical minerals, essential components for modern technology and defense. This strategic partnership, announced at a recent meeting in New Delhi, aims to bolster self-sufficiency and strengthen both nations' positions in the global tech landscape.

India is making a major push towards domestic chip production. Three recently approved semiconductor projects, totaling a whopping Rs 1.26 lakh crore, will see collaborations with industry giants like Taiwan's Powerchip and Japan's Renesas. These new fabs (fabrication units) will be a game-changer for India's electronics manufacturing sector.

Both countries acknowledge the importance of securing critical minerals like lithium and rare earths, vital for clean energy, telecom, and more. The plan includes co-investing in resource extraction projects in South America and Africa, ensuring a reliable and sustainable supply chain.


Innovation Through Collaboration

To further advance materials science, the India-US Advanced Materials R&D Forum is being established. This platform will bring together universities, labs, and private companies from both nations to foster groundbreaking research and development.

The India-US Commercial Dialogue, involving government and industry leaders, will focus on strengthening commercial ties and leveraging private sector expertise. This collaboration aims to drive strategic initiatives forward through platforms like the India-US CEO Forum.


India and the US are committed to joint exploration and research programs to identify and assess critical mineral deposits. By working together, the Geological Survey of India and its US counterpart can enhance knowledge and expertise in this crucial area.

This India-US partnership in semiconductors and critical minerals signifies a new era of technological collaboration. With significant investments, joint research efforts, and a focus on securing resources, both nations are well-positioned to become leaders in the global tech industry. This alliance not only promises economic benefits but also underscores the strategic importance of technology and resources in today's world.

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