IIT Madras Partners With Technip Energies For A Greener Tomorrow

What are the primary focus areas of this collaboration? Who has been appointed to the Industry Advisory Board of The Energy Consortium? Explore in this story from TICE Dispatch.

29 Aug 2023
IIT Madras Partners Technip Energies Sustainable Greener Tomorrow

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Technip Energies, a global leader in engineering and technology for the energy transition, has announced a pioneering collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) to collectively delve into various domains of energy research. This strategic partnership is set to drive innovative solutions that will not only propel a sustainable future for India but also contribute to global efforts in curbing carbon emissions.

A Visionary Collaboration for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The collaborative agreement, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), was signed by Davendra Kumar, Managing Director of Technip Energies India, and Prof. Manu Santhanam, Dean (Industrial Consultancy & Sponsored Research) at IIT Madras. The signing ceremony, graced by the presence of Wei Cai, Chief Technology Officer of Technip Energies, took place at IIT Madras' campus in Chennai.

Fostering Breakthrough Technologies

With this partnership, Technip Energies takes a bold step toward achieving its strategic objective of expediting the development of cutting-edge technologies, aligned with the escalating demands of a rapidly expanding energy market driven by sustainability imperatives.

"Embracing Technological Innovations for a Net-Zero Future"

Davendra Kumar, Managing Director of Technip Energies India, expressed, "With Technip Energies' vision towards achieving Net-Zero, we believe that the power of collaboration will drive innovation and address the urgent global challenges in the energy sector. Hence, we joined hands with The Energy Consortium at IIT Madras to develop new technologies in the energy segment under a collaborative research approach."

Empowering the Energy Consortium for a Low-Carbon Transition

The Energy Consortium, a visionary initiative pioneered by IIT Madras, seeks to foster collaboration among industry, academia, and government to expedite the development of pivotal technologies crucial for transitioning to a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Dr. Nikhil Tambe, CEO of the Energy Consortium at IIT Madras, highlighted, "The Energy Consortium affiliated faculty are collaboratively advancing research in areas that are of national importance and as broad as achieving round-the-clock renewables as well as carbon capture and utilization. Alongside our industry founding member Technip Energies, the energy consortium possesses the momentum to advance on an unprecedented effort of coordinated activities in energy grand challenge areas in India."

Driving Innovations through Industry Advisory

Ramasubramanian Arunachalam, AVP – Process at Technip Energies, has been appointed to the Industry Advisory Board of The Energy Consortium. This advisory board, comprising representatives from all founding members, will collectively steer ongoing advancements in research, technology, and innovation across key energy challenges.

Advancing Key Energy Frontiers

The Energy Consortium's primary focus areas encompass resilient energy systems, energy storage, carbon capture, storage, and utilization, green hydrogen, energy efficiency, and economics. As an industry-academia-government collaborative initiative, it strives to fast-track the development of technologies pivotal to realizing a low-carbon future.

A Coalition for Climate Action

Technip Energies joins the distinguished ranks as the ninth industry founding member of The Energy Consortium, collectively committed to driving advancements in research, technology, and innovation within the energy landscape. The consortium's shared objective is to bolster India's contributions in combatting climate change as per its nationally determined commitments.

A Network of Visionaries

The roster of industry founding members of The Energy Consortium comprises Shell, Baker Hughes, FLSmidth, Aditya Birla, Cummins, Chevron Tech Ventures, Infosys, and Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd (CPCL). Together, these industry leaders aim to channel their collective expertise to shape a more sustainable energy future.