How Simpl & Zepto Plans To Revolutionize Online Grocery Shopping?

What's the latest collaboration between Simpl and Zepto all about? Discover their ambitious plans to reach 100 million checkouts by 2026! Dive into the full story to learn how they're revolutionizing the industry.

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How Simpl & Zepto Plans To Revolutionize Online Grocery Shopping

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Simpl, India’s leading Checkout Network, has set an ambitious target to increase its checkouts on Zepto, India’s rapidly expanding e-grocery service, to 100 million by 2026. This move comes as Simpl integrates its industry-first Instant Checkout on Zepto Pass, aimed at enhancing the experience for millions of customers across the country.


Simpl aims to emulate the Kirana store experience online

The initiative aims to replicate the familiar experience of shopping at a local kirana store, where customers have the flexibility of maintaining a khata (ledger) for their purchases. This innovative approach brings together the convenience of online shopping with the traditional practice of maintaining a khata, offering consumers a seamless and efficient way to manage their grocery purchases.

Through this partnership, consumers on Zepto will benefit from instant checkouts, swift deliveries within 10 minutes, and the advantage of consolidating their bills for fortnightly grocery purchases. This blend of speed, convenience, and rewards is expected to resonate with millions of consumers across the country, enhancing their overall shopping experience.


Nitya Sharma, Founder and CEO of Simpl, highlighted the importance of convenience in today's e-commerce landscape, emphasizing the need for a khata-like experience to cater to evolving consumer expectations. The partnership with Zepto aims to further enhance customer loyalty and retention, building on the success of their collaboration since January 2022.

Positive Performance Metrics and Growth Trends

Since the inception of their partnership, Simpl has facilitated over 13 million checkouts on Zepto, with impressive retention rates. Noteworthy transactions, including a single purchase worth Rs 18,566 and a user making 141 transactions totaling Rs 1.38 lakh, underscore the platform's growing popularity and user engagement.


Aadit Palicha, Co-founder and CEO of Zepto, expressed excitement about Simpl's integration with Zepto Pass, emphasizing its role in simplifying consumers' lives. The partnership aligns with Zepto's commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, as evidenced by the rapid adoption of Zepto Pass, which amassed over 2 million users within two weeks of its launch.

Simpl's focus on quick commerce has yielded impressive results, with a significant increase in transactions and average order value year-on-year. This growth trajectory mirrors the broader trend in India's quick commerce market, which is poised to expand tenfold by 2025, according to Redseer.

As India's e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like Simpl's integration with Zepto Pass are poised to redefine the shopping experience for millions of consumers. By combining convenience, speed, and rewards, this partnership exemplifies the industry's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.


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