Google Is Set To Invest $4 Mn More in Indian AI Startup Corover

This follows Google's initial investment of $500,000 earlier this year, signaling a continued and strengthened partnership. Read on to know more about this recent fund injection.

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Google Invest 4 Million Indian AI Startup Corover BharatGPT

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In a strategic move, tech giant Google is set to fortify its investment in the Indian conversational artificial intelligence startup, Corover, with a substantial injection of $4 million. This follows Google's initial investment of $500,000 earlier this year, signaling a continued and strengthened partnership.


Google and Corover Partnership

Corover, founded in 2016 by Ankush Sabharwal, Kunal Bhakhri, Manav Gandotra, and Rahul Ranjan, has emerged as a significant player in the conversational AI space. Google's role as a strategic partner has not only brought financial support but also provided Corover with critical access to cloud computing resources, enhancing the startup's technological capabilities.

The imminent launch of Corover's flagship product, BharatGPT, a large language model supporting more than a dozen Indian languages, has spurred Google's interest in further investment. The additional $4 million injection is anticipated to fuel the growth and development of this innovative conversational AI platform.


BharatGPT Fund Utilisation

The earmarked funds from Google are intended to be deployed strategically for the scaling of Corover's business operations. This investment reflects Google's confidence in Corover's potential to make a significant impact in the competitive landscape of conversational AI.

Corover boasts a diverse support network beyond Google, with backing from entities such as CanBank Venture Capital Fund, Lead Angels, Cognify, Karekeba Ventures, and IIIT-Delhi. The startup's clientele includes major names like IRCTC, NPCI, ICICI Prudential, ITC, Max Life Insurance, Bosch, Karnataka Tourism, and Israel Tourism, showcasing its widespread industry influence.


Government Advocacy for Vernacular AI Integration

Corover's emphasis on supporting multiple Indian languages aligns seamlessly with the Indian government's recent push to integrate vernacular languages into conversational AI. This aligns with the broader goal of enhancing user convenience across diverse domains, a sentiment echoed in initiatives like the National Payments Corporation of India's BHASHa INterface for India (Bhashini) project.

More AI Funding For Startup Funding


The momentum in India's conversational AI landscape extends beyond Corover, with the notable achievement of homegrown startup ClearFeed securing $2.7 million in its seed funding round. Lead by Peak XV’s Surge, this funding further underscores the increasing interest and investment flowing into India's vibrant AI ecosystem.

As Google deepens its investment in Corover, the stage is set for significant growth and innovation in India's conversational AI sector. The infusion of funds not only signifies confidence in Corover's potential but also points towards a broader industry trend of recognizing and supporting advancements in artificial intelligence.

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