Why Fintech Startup Simpl Is Making It Difficult For Employees?

Why Simpl employees are left in dark again? What led this leading fintech startup to suddenly layoff hundreds of its employees? Read on to know why Simpl is doing layoffs yet again!

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Fintech Startup Simpl Layoffs Is Making It Difficult For Employees

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Simpl, a leading Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) fintech startup, has left many employees reeling as it embarks on a significant round of layoffs, casting shadows on its operational strategies and financial health.

Layoffs at Simpl

Despite its prominent position in the fintech landscape, Simpl has announced the termination of at least 100 employees, predominantly from vital departments such as engineering and product development. This move comes amidst reports of sustained high monthly cash burn and a notable deceleration in new user acquisitions, raising questions about the company's fiscal sustainability.

Talking about the recent round of layoffs, Ashish Kulshrestha, Head of Corporate Communications, Simpl told TICE, "As an organisation committed to creating a shared value for our merchants, and millions of customers across the country, we have undertaken a series of measures to improve operational efficiencies, reduce fixed and overhead costs, along with taking the difficult decision of letting go of some of our talented employees. These efforts are enabling us to accelerate our journey towards profitability and build a fiscally prudent organisation. We have laid out a comprehensive growth plan while having a razor sharp focus on profitability in order to advance our mission of enabling e-commerce and Direct-to-Customer merchants to provide enhanced convenience to their customers".

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Not the first time though.. 

This isn't the first instance of Simpl resorting to mass layoffs. In a déjà vu moment for its workforce, the company had axed around 160-170 employees just over a year ago. Promises of no further layoffs then ring hollow now, especially as the latest wave of terminations affects both seasoned employees and newcomers, some of whom had barely settled into their roles.

Simpl's woes compound as regulatory scrutiny intensifies in India's BNPL sector. The recent shut down of BNPL startup ZestMoney due to regulatory uncertainties serves as a cautionary tale, leading to more fintech layoffs. With the Reserve Bank of India tightening its oversight, fintech players like Simpl find themselves navigating treacherous waters, where missteps could spell disaster.

Amidst these upheavals, Simpl continues to serve a vast network of over 26,000 merchants, including industry giants like Zomato, Makemytrip, and Big Basket. However, its recent internal turmoil underscores the precarious nature of the BNPL landscape, where success hinges not just on innovation but also on navigating regulatory complexities and ensuring financial resilience.

Global Layoffs

As Simpl's layoffs grab headlines in the fintech realm, it's essential to recognize that this distressing trend isn't confined to a single company or industry. Across the globe, from multinational corporations to burgeoning startups, layoffs have become an unfortunate reality. Even tech giants like Google and renowned accountancy firms such as KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, and EY have recently announced workforce reductions.

While fintech layoffs stem from financial constraints, a new narrative emerges in the tech sector—the ominous "AI Conspiracy Theory." TICE's thorough investigation into this theory sheds light on how these corporate behemoths justify their actions under the guise of technological progress.

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