Dhruva Space's Solar Innovation: TDB Boosts Indigenous Tech Leadership

Dhruva Space aims to revolutionise space-grade solar array fabrication with advanced materials and innovative techniques, backed by TDB's endorsement.

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Indigenous Space Innovation Receives Boost: TDB Funds Dhruva Space's Solar Array Project

In a significant stride toward fostering indigenous innovation in the space sector, the Technology Development Board (TDB), under the Department of Science & Technology, has extended its support to M/s Dhruva Space Private Limited for their pioneering project, "Space Grade Solar Array Fabrication and Test Facility." This strategic move underscores TDB's commitment to advancing indigenous capabilities and bolstering India's position as a global player in space technology.

Groundbreaking Technological Innovations

Dhruva Space, an Indian Space Startup based in Hyderabad, is set to revolutionize space-grade solar array fabrication and testing processes with TDB's financial backing. The project's core aim is to develop cutting-edge technologies tailored for spacecraft applications, thereby addressing the stringent demands of on-orbit usage.

Pushing the Boundaries of Efficiency

At the heart of this endeavor lie several groundbreaking innovations. Dhruva Space plans to leverage advanced materials such as carbon fiber and resins for substrate-side IP, enhancing both performance and durability. Moreover, novel stringing and bonding techniques will be employed in solar cell assembly (SCA) to optimize efficiency. The company is striving to achieve efficiency levels of up to 30% by utilizing triple-junction GaAs technology.

Dhruva Space

Establishment of Specialized Test Facility

Central to the project is the establishment of a specialized test facility dedicated to certifying space-grade solar arrays. This facility will conduct rigorous mechanical, electrical, and environmental tests to ensure compliance with stringent space standards. From vibration and shock assessments to thermo-vacuum chamber simulations and zero-gravity deployment simulations, every aspect will be meticulously evaluated to guarantee optimal performance in space environments.

Enthusiastic Support from TDB

Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Secretary of the Technology Development Board, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting its alignment with TDB's mission. "We are excited to support M/s Dhruva Space in their endeavor to develop cutting-edge space-grade solar array technologies," he remarked. "This project perfectly aligns with TDB's mission to promote indigenous innovation and strengthen India's capabilities in domestic production."

Scaling Capabilities for Domestic and International Markets

Sanjay Nekkanti, CEO of Dhruva Space, emphasized the significance of the project in expanding their capabilities. "One of our crucial product offerings is the end-to-end design, engineering, and testing of spacecraft solar arrays," he noted. "With TDB's support, we are poised to scale these capabilities and cater to both domestic and international markets."

A Pivotal Moment in India's Space Journey

The collaboration between TDB and Dhruva Space signifies a pivotal moment in India's journey towards self-reliance in space technology. By nurturing homegrown talent and fostering innovation, initiatives like these not only enhance India's standing in the global space arena but also pave the way for transformative advancements in the field.

Looking Ahead to Transformative Advancements

As the project progresses, all eyes will be on Dhruva Space as they continue to push the boundaries of space technology, propelled by TDB's unwavering support and the spirit of indigenous innovation.