TiE D2C Summit: What Does it Have for the Startups of Naya Bharat?

Discover D2C trends at TiE Delhi-NCR's Summit on July 19th at India Habitat Centre. What’s next for Naya Bharat startups? How to ace D2C marketing? is the media partner.

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D2C Summit by TiE Delhi NCR Unveiling the Future of D2C Brands

Are you a startup of the new India and looking for effective networking? If yes, the biggest networking event for you is here! Mark your calendars for an unmissable event on July 19th at the India Habitat Centre. TiE Delhi-NCR’s D2C Summit, themed "Startups of Naya Bharat," is set to bring together a powerhouse of experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to delve into the ever-evolving Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sector. The summit promises to explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the D2C landscape. TICE.News is the proud media partner for this event.


D2C Summit

D2C Power Play: Building Marketing Strategies for Rapid Growth

This session will unravel the intricacies of effective marketing strategies tailored for the D2C sector. Topics include:

  • The influence of social media marketing and influencer partnerships
  • Brand differentiation through content marketing and storytelling
  • Data-driven marketing in the D2C landscape

Panelists will share their valuable experiences and insights on performance marketing and crafting strategies that scale D2C marketing efforts within budget constraints.

D2C Rocket Fuel: Streamlined Supply Chains


Focused on optimizing processes, this session will highlight:

  • Leveraging technology and forming strategic partnerships
  • Maintaining a customer-centric approach for an efficient and scalable supply chain

Discussions will center around the complexities of efficient supply chains and the pivotal role of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) in this dynamic landscape.


Effective Brand Building

Creating a successful D2C brand in India involves:

  • A deep understanding of the Indian consumer
  • Establishing a strong online presence
  • Offering top-notch products and outstanding customer service
  • Utilizing advanced data analytics

Panelists will discuss strategies to establish and grow a profitable D2C brand in the Indian market.

Omnichannel: The Next Frontier for D2C Brands

With brands increasingly adopting omnichannel strategies, this session will explore:

  • Achieving a cohesive experience across channels
  • Ensuring consistent branding and visual identity
  • Integrating systems to synchronize inventory, pricing, promotions, service, and policies between online and offline stores

Decoding Funding Landscape for D2C Brands in 2024

As the D2C brand landscape evolves, this discussion will provide insights and trends for 2024, including:

  • Key KPIs influencing D2C investment decisions
  • Emerging D2C categories
  • Impact of cross-border and omnichannel strategies

Panelists will explore how investors leverage market trends, consumer behavior insights, and technological advancements to empower D2C brands within their portfolios.

The TiE Delhi-NCR D2C Summit is your gateway to understanding and navigating the dynamic world of Direct-to-Consumer brands. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or an emerging enthusiast, this summit offers invaluable insights to drive your D2C ambitions forward. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, network, and grow. You can register for D2C Summit here.

TICE.News is the media partner for the event, stay tuned to get the latest updates about the upcoming D2C Summit.