How WhatsApp's New Features Will Help Indian Startup Businesses?

These features, namely Flows, Payments, and Meta Verified, promise to revolutionize the way startups engage with their customers and solidify their online presence. Read on to know more about WhatsApp's new features.

Shreshtha Verma
21 Sep 2023

WhatsApp has set its sights on propelling Indian startup businesses to new heights with a trio of innovative features announced at Meta's second annual Conversations conference held in Mumbai. These features, namely Flows, Payments, and Meta Verified, promise to revolutionize the way startups engage with their customers and solidify their online presence.

What is Whatsapp Flows?

One of the star attractions of WhatsApp's latest update is "Flows," a feature tailored to enhance customer interactions for businesses. Flows empowers startups to craft personalized chat experiences for their clients, enabling seamless and efficient interactions. Imagine a bank streamlining the process of scheduling appointments for opening new accounts, a food delivery service simplifying the order placement across various partner restaurants, or an airline streamlining the check-in process and seat selection — all within the confines of a WhatsApp conversation. The versatility of Flows promises to be a game-changer for startups looking to offer more engaging and efficient services. This feature will soon become available to businesses worldwide, leveraging the WhatsApp Business Platform to expand its global reach.

What is Whatsapp Payments?

In the realm of digital payments, WhatsApp has taken a giant leap with its "Payments" feature. This innovative addition streamlines the purchasing process directly within the chat. Customers in India can now fill their shopping carts and execute payments using their preferred methods, including UPI apps, debit and credit cards, and more. Collaborating with payment partners Razorpay and PayU, WhatsApp is making the act of sending a message as simple as making a purchase. Notably, Payments is already live in Brazil and Singapore, underlining the platform's global ambitions.

What is Whatsapp Meta Verified?

For startups seeking to establish trust and authenticity on the platform, "Meta Verified" offers a solution. This feature allows businesses to attain verification from Meta, assuring customers that they are engaging with the legitimate entity. To achieve Meta Verified status, businesses must demonstrate their authenticity, earning themselves a coveted verification badge, as well as enhanced account support and protection against impersonation. Additionally, Meta Verified brings premium perks, including the creation of a customized WhatsApp page that's easily discoverable through web searches and multi-device support, enabling multiple employees to handle customer inquiries. This feature will undergo testing with small businesses on the WhatsApp Business app before rolling out to the broader WhatsApp Business Platform in the future.

Whatsapp India: Leading the Way in Messaging Innovation

In a pre-recorded address, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, praised India for being at the forefront of the innovations introduced at the conference. He highlighted India's leading role in embracing messaging as a superior means to accomplish tasks for both people and businesses. WhatsApp has identified India as a crucial market, boasting more than 500 million users within the country.

WhatsApp's strategic move to empower Indian startups with these cutting-edge features underscores its commitment to fostering entrepreneurial growth and enhancing customer experiences in this dynamic and competitive market. With Flows, Payments, and Meta Verified, Indian startups now have the tools they need to thrive and succeed in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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