What is Paytm UPI? This Is How You Can Switch to Paytm UPI ID

Know all about the @Paytm UPI changes for seamless and secure transactions. Navigate effortlessly through the process and stay compliant with regulations. Discover how to activate your new UPI ID on the Paytm app hassle-free. Read the article for details.

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So finally Paytm UPI is here. Now Paytm can offer UPI services through partner banks. Following the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) directive prohibiting Paytm Payments Bank from accepting further credits into customer accounts and wallets after March 15, 2024, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has taken steps to ensure uninterrupted digital payments via UPI. In accordance with a circular issued in March 2024, NPCI has authorized One97 Communications (OCL), the parent company of Paytm Payments Bank, to transfer customers' UPI payments to other banks. Additionally, NPCI granted OCL permission to operate as a  Third-Party Application Provider (TPAP) under a multi-bank model. 

Consequently, Paytm can now offer UPI services through partner banks. Paytm has swiftly initiated integration with Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), and YES Bank, as confirmed by information available on the Paytm website. YES Bank will also serve as the merchant acquiring bank for existing and new UPI merchants, ensuring seamless UPI transactions and AutoPay mandates.

To seamlessly continue with the digital payments, understanding how to change your UPI ID is crucial for transactions and staying compliant with regulatory changes. A UPI ID, or Unified Payments Interface ID, serves as a unique identifier enabling instant and secure money transfers between bank accounts. Whether prompted by regulatory directives, security concerns, or personal preferences, transitioning to a new UPI handle entails specific steps to ensure uninterrupted access to payment services.

Let's learn the requisite steps for changing your UPI ID, and navigate through the process effortlessly.

Paytm UPI for Customers?

With the impending closure of its banking division, Paytm Payment Bank Limited (PPBL), on March 15 due to regulatory action, customers may wonder about the future of their digital transactions. However, the recent acquisition of a license ensures that Paytm can continue offering UPI services to its app users. This means that existing customers and merchants can still conduct AutoPay transactions and UPI payments seamlessly, without any interruptions.

What is UPI registration and why is it necessary?

UPI registration involves setting up a UPI ID to facilitate instant and secure money transfers between bank accounts through the UPI. It is necessary for processing transactions via UPI, as without registration, sending or receiving money through this platform is not possible.

How can I create my UPI ID and is it safe to make payments through UPI?

To create a UPI ID, you can download the Paytm app, a widely-used UPI payment application, and complete your profile. You'll be required to provide your bank account details, which Paytm verifies before assigning you a unique UPI ID. Once set up, you can send money by selecting recipients from your contacts or entering their phone numbers. UPI payments are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and adhere to strict security guidelines, ensuring the safety of transactions through two-factor authentication.

How can I transition to a new UPI handle on the Paytm app?

Paytm has initiated the transition process for users with '@paytm' UPI handles to seamlessly switch to new handles associated with partner banks. Users are receiving notifications prompting them to shift to one of the four designated banks. By following the provided instructions in the app, users can activate their new UPI IDs hassle-free.

What led to the regulatory action against Paytm Payments Bank by the RBI?

The RBI barred Paytm Payments Bank from providing banking services due to a breach of KYC regulations. This directive, issued in February, resulted in the suspension of essential transaction services, including UPI transactions, effective March 15, 2024.

How can I create a UPI account on the Paytm app?

To set up a UPI account on the Paytm app, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Paytm UPI mobile payment application.
  2. Enter your mobile number and verify it via SMS.
  3. Select your bank from the list and ensure it matches your registered mobile number.
  4. Set up a UPI PIN if required, using your debit card details.
  5. Your bank account is now linked via UPI, and you can start making payments.

Amidst these changes, is my money safe with Paytm Payments Bank?

Despite the regulatory restrictions, existing balances in Paytm Payments Bank accounts or wallets remain unaffected. The Reserve Bank of India's directive does not impact the safety of deposited funds, assuring customers that their money is secure with the bank.

How can I change my default bank account in the Paytm app?

To change your default bank account in the Paytm app, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to "UPI & Payments Settings" in the Profile menu.
  2. Select the bank account you wish to set as default.
  3. Tap "Set as default" and confirm your selection.

How can I check if I have a '@paytm' UPI handle?

To check if you have a '@paytm' UPI handle:

  1. Open the Paytm app and tap on your profile picture.
  2. Your UPI ID and QR code will appear under your profile picture, displaying your '@paytm' handle.

Amidst the changing landscape of digital payments, adapting to regulatory changes and ensuring uninterrupted access to financial services is crucial. Understanding how to change your UPI ID not only facilitates seamless transactions but also keeps you compliant with evolving regulations. UPI, the simplest way to transfer funds from one bank to another, necessitates individuals to complete the UPI registration process. To do so, set up a UPI account on the Paytm mobile application. Only after completing the UPI registration process can funds be transferred from one bank account to another. 

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