Key Startups Who Garnered Glory at National Startup Awards 2022

Karnataka with 18 startups, followed by Maharashtra and Delhi with 9 and 4 startups respectively were among the top states.

Shreshtha Verma
17 Jan 2023
New Update

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Amid the talk of a Funding Winter a warm, enthusiastic climate prevailed in New Delhi where the Modi government conferred National Startup Awards on over 40 new and promising ventures. 

Even as Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi were  among the top states courtesy Bangalore, Mumbai and NCR startup ecosystem, many tier 2 and tier 3 businesses also made their mark. The National Startup Awards 2022 received 2,666 applications including 55 from incubators and 7 from accelerators from across India. 

TICE presents you the prominent winners: 

Fruvetech Private Limited

The startup from Delhi won in Post Harvest sub-category. It is an Agri-based startup from Delhi founded in 2021 by Dr Jagadis Gupta Kapuganti & Aprajita Kumari. The startup is focused on development of a device to enhance shelf life of fruits using an innovative idea. The startup offers fruits and vegetable storage systems with brand new patented technology that guarantees energy efficient, high-quality storage solutions, adjustable to your specific needs and conditions.

Natura Crop Care

The startup from Bengaluru Rural, Karnataka won in Productivity sub-category. e is a sustainable farm input manufacturing startup from Bengaluru founded in 2017 by Manoj Kumar Rupa & Gavaskar Jayakanthan. With its unique understanding of microbial plant interactions in nature, Natura is validating the current scenario of increasing global sustainable agriculture horticulture production.

Wolkus Technology Solutions Private Limited

Hailing from Bengaluru, Karnataka, the startup won in the productive sub-category. It is an agri-tech startup from Bengaluru founded in 2018 by Ananda Prakash Verma & Shilendra Tiwari. The startup under the brand named ‘Fasal’, develops an AI-powered IoT platform for precision agriculture. Fasal started with a simple idea - removing guesswork from farming. Farming is not easy and involves a lot of uncertainties. It offers a cloud platform that collects the microclimatic data captured by the on-field sensors.

Animal Husbandry

The Animal Husbandry category had only one sub-category- productivity. The animal husbandry category had only 16 registered companies in 2017-18 and the number has grown to 53 in 2022-23, registering a 1,150% increase in 5 years. 

The category had one winner: 

Hydrogreens Agri Solutions Private Limited

The startup is from Dakshina Kannada,  Karnataka. It is a Bengaluru-based enterprise founded in 2019 by Vasanth Kamath, with the objective to solve the supply gap of quality fodder for small and marginal livestock farmers in a sustainable manner by providing them with the right technologies and solutions to produce excellent fodder. The startup is hyperlocalizing the availability of fresh feed that is affordable and harvested responsibly in an environment friendly manner.


The construction category had two sub-categories- Construction Technologies (including planning and monitoring) and materials productivity. This category had only 144 registered companies in 2017-18 and the number has grown to 996 in 2022-23, registering a 103.5% increase in 5 years. 

The category had one winner: 

Himalayan Hemp Industries Private Limited

Hailing from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, it won under materials sub-category. It is a startup from Kangra founded in 2019 by Haneesh Katnawer & Sonam Sodha. With an aim to revive the atavistic building techniques, bring eco-conscious alternatives to the world and empower the local communities to find a career in eco-friendly constructions; the startup made their first wattle and daub hemp hut design and prototype in Kullu.

Education And Skill Development

This category had five sub-categories including access to institutional education, access to open education, teacher training, toys as learning resource and vocational training. The education and skill development category had only 144 registered companies in 2017-18 and the number has grown to 996 in 2022-23, registering a 2,103.5% increase in 5 years. 


Testbook Edu Solutions Private Limited

The startup is from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and won in the Access to Open Education sub category. It is an edtech startup from Navi Mumbai founded in 2016 by Ashutosh Kumar & Narendra Agrawal. The startup has built an app and web-based platform to support job seekers. The platform provides complete job preparation to fresh job seekers who want to get employed either with government or private organisations. Testbook platform has five key components - Job Discovery, Live Interactive Coaching, Mock Practice, Doubt Solving and Performance Tracking & Recommendations, all of which are tightly integrated with each other to provide a seamless one-stop learning experience.

Makerinme Technologies Private Limited

The startup belongs to Bengaluru, Karnataka and won in the sub-category of Toys as Learning Resource. MakerInMe Technologies is an edtech startup from Bengaluru founded in 2016 by Parag Gulhane & Harish Rawlani. The startup provides complete STEM (Science + Technology + Engineering + Math) solution and makes the learning easy for students & teachers through its product.

Trascender Services Private Limited

Won in the vocation training sub-category, it is a startup from Mumbai founded in 2017 by Sameer Joshi & Dr Seema Joshi. The startup focuses on bringing transformation in the education and healthcare industry in India. The startup offers services like explorium, campus to corporate, Aspire leadership program and Crucible leadership program in the education sector, paramedic skills program in healthcare and data analytics, software testing and digital marketing in technology sector among others.


The energy category had three sub-categories including clean energy, energy efficiency and energy storage. The category had 249 registered companies in 2017-18 and the number has grown to 714 in 2022-23, registering a 1,322.9 % increase in 5 years. 

Log 9 Materials Scientific Private Limited

Log 9 Materials is a nano-materials manufacturing and research & development startup from Bengaluru founded in 2015 by Dr Akshay Singhal & Kartik Hajela. It won in the subcategory of clean energy. Log9 Materials is a vertically integrated startup with proven in-house capability for materials development, device prototyping and production/assembly.

Renkube Private Limited

Won under the energy efficiency sub-category, Renkubeis a renewable energy startup from Bengaluru founded in 2017 by Balaji Lakshmikant & Dr Lakshmi Santhanam. The startup is a pioneer in the field of Motion Free Optical Tracking (MFOT) of solar panels. It is committed to contribute to a sustainable future by producing cutting edge products in the renewable energy field. Renkubeis exclusively focused on developing and commercialising MFOT-based solar technology. MFOT technology will allow module manufacturers to significantly improve the price performance ratio of their solar panels.

Indigenous Energy Storage Technologies Private Limited

Won under energy storage category, Indigenous Energy Storage Technologies is an Energy Storage startup from Roorkee founded in 2019 by Akash Soni & Dr Asit Sahoo. The startup’s mission is to develop and commercialise sustainable, environment friendly, Indigenous energy storage technologies.