What Is The Role of "Why" In Your Startup Journey?

91% of startups fail within the first five years. Experts believe that the reason for most startups to fail is the inability to find the purpose of their business and the inability to answer the question of "Why"?

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In the world of startups, there's a critical question: "Why?" It's not just a simple word; it's like the lifeblood that gives startups a reason to exist, a sense of direction, and the strength to keep going.  Interestingly a study conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value finds that 91% of startups fail within the first five years. Womndering why? Well! experts believe that the reason for most startups to fail is the inability to find the purpose of their business and the inability to answer the question of "Why"?

Well! The startup universe is an ever-expanding cosmos of innovation and entrepreneurship. But amidst the competitive startup industry, lies the compelling question: "Why?" This question is not just a mere statement; it is the pulsating life force that infuses startups with purpose, direction, and resilience.

But what is the role of "Why" in one's startup journey?

Role of "Why" in a Startup Journey

Asking yourself the "why" of a startup is not just a primary step to begin with your entrepreneurial journey; it plays a multifaceted role that goes far beyond mere motivation. Here is why the "Why" is important:

  1. Direction: Your startup's "why" serves as a magnetic north, guiding you through the labyrinthine world of entrepreneurship. It illuminates the path to your destination and ensures that every step you take is purposeful and in alignment with your core values.

  2. Motivation: In the face of adversity, when challenges seem insurmountable, your "why" becomes your unwavering motivator. It reminds you of the passion and purpose that ignited your journey, keeping you resilient in the most trying of times.

  3. The Power of Alignment: Every decision made in alignment with your "why" brings consistency, trustworthiness, and authenticity to your business endeavors. This authenticity has the extraordinary power to transform customers into dedicated advocates and employees into committed team members.

  4. Crafting a Strategic Decision-Making Matrix: Imagine a grid where one axis assesses decisions based on their alignment with your "why," while the other axis gauges their impact on your business. Decisions that score high on both fronts become your top priorities, creating a strategic roadmap to success.

  5. Feedback Loop System: To maintain alignment with your "why," it's vital to regularly seek feedback from your team and customers. This ongoing dialogue helps you evaluate whether your operations genuinely resonate with your "why" from their perspective, fostering adaptability and growth.

Aligning Decision-Making with "Why"

Now, let's explore practical steps that business leaders can take to ensure that decision-making is in harmony with their startup's "why":

  • Stay Informed: To make informed decisions, stay attuned to the latest industry trends and shifts. An understanding of the external landscape is crucial to aligning your actions with your "why."

  • Diverse Perspectives: Seek a wide range of opinions from your team, advisors, and stakeholders. However, it's crucial to ensure that everyone involved understands and respects your startup's "why."

  • Revisit Your "Why": As your venture evolves, your "why" may also evolve. Regularly revisit and adjust it if necessary to ensure it remains a relevant guiding force.

  • Trust Your Intuition: Sometimes, when data and opinions collide, your instincts can be the most reliable compass for alignment. Don't underestimate the power of your entrepreneurial intuition.

If you really want to survive know that "why" is the bedrock upon which you build you will have to build your entrepreneurial venture. If you want to join the 10% startups who taste sucess, it is crucial that align every decision with your "Why." If you have a clear answer of "Why" then be ready to watch your startup flourish with purpose, motivation, and authenticity. Your "why" isn't just a statement; it's the backbone of your startup's journey to success.

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