India Carrying Out Reforms Out Of Conviction, Modi Tells Investors At UP GIS 2023

UP is known for good governance, better law and order situation, peace and stability, says PM Modi. Here are the top ten things that Modi has told investors at GIS 2023.

10 Feb 2023 | Updated On 11 Feb 2023
India Carrying Out Reforms Out Of Conviction, Modi Tells Investors At UP GIS 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the UP Global Investors Summit 2023 in Lucknow today, on 10th February 2023. 

The summit brought together policymakers, industry leaders, academia, and other leaders to explore business opportunities and forge partnerships. PM Modi also inaugurated the Global Trade Show and launched Invest UP 2.0 during the UPGIS2023.

PM Modi welcomed the investors and praised the state for its cultural richness, glorious history, and rich heritage. He also spoke about the changes in governance and the ease of doing business in Uttar Pradesh, which has become a source of hope and inspiration for the country. 

PM Modi highlighted the growing demand for 'Made in India' defence equipment and the development of a defence corridor in the state. He also pointed out that 60% of the mobile phones manufactured in the country are made in UP. The Prime Minister also emphasized the government's commitment towards green growth by allotting Rs 35,000 crore in the budget for energy transition. He praised the recent Union Budget for its record spending on infrastructure and noted that India is now carrying out reforms out of conviction, rather than compulsion.

Below are the top ten things that PM told investors at UP Global Investor Summit 2023.

Emphasizing on Reforms and Transparency

"Good Governance, Better Law and Order Situation, Peace and Stability": PM Modi mentioned how Uttar Pradesh has established a new identity in the past 5-6 years and is now known for good governance, better law and order situation, peace, and stability.

New Opportunities for Wealth Creators

PM Modi stressed that initiatives for better infrastructure in UP are bearing fruit and new opportunities for wealth creators are being made in the state.

Uttar Pradesh will be known as the only state with 5 International Airports

PM Modi informed that Uttar Pradesh will soon be known as the only state with 5 International airports, and the Freight corridor will connect the state directly with the sea coast in Maharashtra.

Ease of Doing Business in UP

PM Modi noted a meaningful change in the government's thinking in UP for ensuring ease of doing business and said that UP has become a source of hope and inspiration.

What India is to World, UP is to India

PM Modi emphasized that India has become a bright spot on the global stage and UP has become a bright spot for the nation.

Rapid Recovery in the Face of the Pandemic and War

PM Modi observed that every credible voice in the world is optimistic about the ascending course of the Indian economy as it has shown resilience in the face of the pandemic and war and a rapid recovery.

Aspirational Society Awaits Investors in UP

Noting the size and population of Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi told the investors that like India, an aspirational society is awaiting them in UP.

India's Digital Revolution

PM Modi said that due to the digital revolution, Uttar Pradesh society has grown inclusive and connected and that India is becoming a seamless market with simplified procedures.

India is Moving on the Path of Speed and Scale

PM Modi emphasized that India, in real terms, has started moving on the path of speed and scale, and the basic needs of a very large segment have been met, leading to trust in the country.

Investment Opportunities in Health, Education, Social Infrastructure, and Green Growth Path

PM Modi underlined the growing allocation for infrastructure in the budget and talked about opportunities for investors in health, education, and social infrastructure, as well as the green growth path that India has embraced.

Watch below the full video of what PM Modi spoke at GIS 2023. 

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