How To Buy & Recharge FASTags Using Paytm? Know This

Paytm users can once again recharge their FASTags using the app. Users can now recharge any FASTag and purchase HDFC FASTags through the app. Read the article to know all the details including the steps to buy and recharge.

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The Paytm users can now recharge their FASTags, for seamless travel on national highways, directly through the app. This development extends to all FASTags, addressing concerns over potential disruptions in service. Notably, Paytm has introduced a new feature within the app, enabling users to conveniently recharge any FASTag using Paytm.

In response to recent regulatory actions imposed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Paytm Payments Bank Limited (PPBL), Paytm has introduced a new feature allowing users to buy FASTags using the Paytm app. Not only this, the Paytm users can now also purchase FASTags issued by HDFC Banks using the app.

Paytm also said that all services related to the app, including UPI transactions, QR code, Soundbox, and Card Machine payments, are operating without any interruptions.

It said, “Paytm is committed to ensuring that its wide range of digital payment solutions continue to function efficiently, providing reliability and convenience to millions of users and merchant partners across India."

What are FASTags?

FASTags are mandatory for all four-wheeler vehicles in India, utilizing radio-frequency identification technology (RFID) to enable automatic deduction of toll charges without manual intervention.

How to Recharge FASTag on Paytm

  • ·      Navigate to the ‘Bill Payments’ section in the Paytm app.
  • ·      Select ‘FASTag Recharge’.
  • ·      Choose your FASTag issuing bank.
  • ·      Enter your FASTag linked vehicle number and proceed.
  • ·      Confirm details and specify the recharge amount.
  • ·      Complete the transaction by tapping on ‘Proceed to Pay’.
  • ·      Upon completion, the recharge amount is instantly updated to the user's FASTag account.

Purchasing HDFC FASTag through Paytm

In addition to facilitating FASTag recharges, Paytm users now have the option to purchase HDFC Bank FASTags directly from the app. The process is simple and can be completed in three steps:

  • ·      Open the Paytm app and search for ‘Buy HDFC FASTag’.
  • ·      Provide the required customer and vehicle details as prompted.
  • ·      Make the payment for the HDFC FASTag purchase.

·      Upon payment, the HDFC FASTag will be delivered to the designated home address of the user.

Paytm Assures Seamless Operations for Digital Payment Solutions

Despite the regulatory restrictions imposed on PPBL, Paytm reassures users that all services related to the app, including UPI transactions, QR code payments, Soundbox, and Card Machine payments, continue to operate without interruptions. The company remains committed to ensuring the efficiency and reliability of its digital payment solutions, offering convenience to millions of users and merchant partners across India.

With these updates, Paytm continues to innovate and adapt to regulatory changes, striving to maintain its position as a leading digital payment platform in the country. Users can now seamlessly recharge their FASTags and even purchase new HDFC FASTags through the Paytm app, further enhancing the convenience and accessibility of digital transactions.

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