G20 Summit will introduce the world to 'Brand UP': CM Adityanath

G-20 events will be held in Varanasi, Greater Noida, Lucknow & Agra. India leading G-20 in the year of Amrit Mahotsav of Independence is a historic & proud opportunity for all of us; UP to get maximum benefits, says CM Adityanath.

New Update

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in a high-level meeting, gave guidelines to the officials for the successful organization of the G-20 conferences to be chaired by India in the year 2023 in a high-level meeting held on Wednesday. 

Among the key guidelines given by the Chief Minister are:

◆ India has been bestowed the honour of presiding over the G-20 group of leading nations of the world under the successful leadership of the respected Prime Minister in the year of Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. This global event has brought immense possibilities for Uttar Pradesh. This event is a great platform to introduce 'Brand UP' to the world. We should make the most out of this global event.

◆ Different events are proposed to be held in Uttar Pradesh's Varanasi, Lucknow, Agra and Greater Noida during the period of one year of G-20 chaired by India. According to the Indian spirit of 'Atithi Devo Bhava', preparations should be made to make the event grand in these districts. Everyone will have to make efforts as a team to make this event a standard of cleanliness, beauty, safety and orderliness.

◆ Arrangements should be made according to the standard of security of foreign visitors. Necessary arrangements should also be made regarding medical emergency, traffic etc. The guests should be introduced to the diverse food cuisines available in Uttar Pradesh.

◆ The cities hosting the G-20 conferences should be given a grand look. Attractive lighting should be arranged at  heritage sites of historical and cultural significance in the cities. Pictures depicting the state's culture should be displayed on the walls on the tour route for the guests. India's Yoga tradition is being adopted by the whole world today, in such a situation statues can be installed showing different postures of ‘Surya Namaskar’.

◆ Local culture should be made the theme of the event to be held in all four cities. For example, Awadh culture in the capital Lucknow, Braj culture in Agra, Rangotsav, and Ganga culture in Varanasi should be organized as themes. The guests should be welcomed grandly by showering flowers on their arrival in the state. Take the cooperation of local cultural groups, and voluntary organizations.

◆ The hosting of G-20 summits is historic. To make it unforgettable and unparalleled, a 'G-20 Park' should be established in the capital Lucknow. In this regard, after identifying the place, an action plan should be prepared regarding the outline of the park.

◆ Security arrangement is an important aspect of G-20 conferences. The Home Department should make adequate arrangements for the security of all the delegates. A liaisoning officer should be deployed with each delegate. Proper training should be provided for the liaisoning officer. Strict security arrangements should be made keeping in view the apprehensions of all kinds of external and internal security. Efforts of cybercrime should also be monitored. There should be standard arrangements for ensuring fire safety. Necessary guidance should be taken from the Government of India for better surveillance, intelligence input etc.

◆ Respected Prime Minister has given India the name of 'Mother of Democracy'. Uttar Pradesh has a legacy of rich history. Ancient art, culture, history, and archaeological specialties of the state should be compiled and presented on the platform of G-20. The prosperous economy, GDP, industrial development etc. of the state should also be displayed. The G-20 logo should be used at every event and every correspondence of the state government.

◆ This conference will be successful in its objectives only with wide public participation. A maximum number of youth should be associated with the G-20 summit. Special discussions should be organized on this topic in universities. Exhibition of paintings of young painters of the state should also be organized in all the four cities where the event is being held. Apart from this, book fairs, yoga challenges, craft fairs, and dance and music competitions should be organized at the school level. G-20 branding should be done on local establishments, and public vehicles. The three local development authorities should also be involved in organizing the proposed events in Greater Noida.

◆ The hosting of G-20 is also a good opportunity for upgrading city infrastructure and beautification. The roads on the route on which the delegates have to travel should be arranged according to their needs. We have to pay special attention to cleanliness. In the cities where conferences are to be held, a week before the date of the program, a special campaign for cleanliness should be conducted. Efforts should be made to make these cities plastic free. Take the cooperation of public representatives and increase public participation.

◆ Internet connectivity will play a major role in the successful organisation of the G-20 summit. High-speed internet connectivity as per global standards should be available at the venue. Alternative arrangements should also be made.