A Success Story: How India Has Emerged As A Global Startup Hub?

India has emerged as a global startup hub through its vibrant spirit of entrepreneurship, skilled talent, and evolving digital landscape

The country has established startup bridges with 20 countries, including Israel, Singapore, Japan, and Brazil, to promote cross-collaboration and provide a soft-landing platform for startups

India's Startup20 engagement group under the G20 India Presidency aims to position India as the global hub for startups and raise macroeconomic concerns with G20 leaders

India is actively involved in multilateral engagements like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) and ASEAN to empower local startup ecosystems and exchange knowledge on supporting startups

The India-ASEAN Startup Summit 2023 provided a platform for networking, pitching, and business matchmaking between Malaysia and India

The Startup India initiative offers support to startups through programs like the National Startup Awards and Startup India Innovation Week

India's success story in the startup ecosystem is transforming and enduring, making it an inspiration for other countries

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