The meeting will focus on promoting sustainable growth, exploring risks, mobilizing domestic capital, and positioning India globally in the startup landscape

Critical issues faced by startups, such as deploying more domestic capital and strategies for scaling from the seed stage to IPOs, will be addressed

The government is working on a standard operating procedure to provide eligibility certificates for startups to avail tax benefits

Minister Goyal announced plans for a grand event called "Startup Mahakumbh" scheduled for March 2025

Minister Goyal praised the progress of the startup sector over the past eight years and encouraged exploration of innovative ideas in sectors like MedTech, FinTech, and sustainable tourism

India has emerged as the third-largest global startup ecosystem, with achievements in sectors like millets and food processing

Key initiatives outlined to support startups include categorizing them into sectors for focused interactions, tracking their development stage, and ensuring registration on the DPIIT portal

Emphasis is placed on collaboration and mentorship, with the MAARG portal and onboarding startups with the Government e-Marketplace (GeM)

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