India's Unicorn Founders Forge Startup Club of India

India's unicorn founders are planning to establish the Startup Club of India to address common issues with the government and boost the nation's startup ecosystem

54 out of 111 unicorn founders recently met with Commerce & Industry Minister Piyush Goyal to discuss the challenges faced by startups in India

The dialogue marked a first-of-its-kind meeting where unicorn founders explored ways to enhance the startup ecosystem and announced plans to establish the Startup Club of India

The purpose of the club is to bring startup issues to the government and other relevant forums for resolution

Discussions during the meeting ranged from domestic capital versus international capital to strategies for deepening the startup ecosystem

Startup ventures in India are not only pioneers in innovation but also significant contributors to employment and the nation's overall growth

The government's receptiveness to the ideas and inputs of startup founders has generated hope and optimism within the entrepreneurial community

The Startup Club of India aims to be a catalyst for positive change, fostering collaboration between the government and the dynamic startup ecosystem

The club is expected to propel India to new heights on the global startup stage

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