Hold Off on App Delisting Until Mar 19 Hearing: Startups To Google

Indian startups are urging Google to hold off on delisting their apps from the Play Store until a special leave petition hearing on March 19

The startups are challenging Google's User Choice Billing and criticize the Competition Commission of India's (CCI) delays in handling their complaints

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear pleas from startups regarding Google's billing policy, which they argue is indicative of anti-competitive behavior

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has initiated a performance review of the CCI in response to concerns about its inaction in addressing complaints against tech giants

The Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF) supports the MCA's decision and sees it as a timely move to address the alleged anti-competitive conduct by tech giants

Startups accuse CCI of "non-adjudication" in handling their complaints against Google's User Choice Billing, claiming that their pleas have been ignored for over 15 months

Prominent startup CEOs caution against Google's monopolistic behavior and its potential impact on the Indian digital economy

The ongoing legal battle between startups and tech giants like Google is seen as a critical moment for the Indian digital ecosystem

The outcome of the legal proceedings and the MCA's review will shape the future of the Indian digital landscape

Startups demand a level playing field and emphasize fairness, justice, and entrepreneurship as essential principles for a thriving digital economy