From Emission to Innovation: India's EV Startups Lead the Charge

FAME India Give Boost To EV Industry

The Ministry of Heavy Industries' Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India Phase II (FAME India Phase II) Scheme has been a driving force behind the rapid adoption of electric vehicles in India with 8,47,578 electric vehicles sold by various manufacturers to consumers as of 28th July 2023

Focus of FAME Scheme

This ambitious scheme focuses on electrifying public and shared transportation, offering demand incentives for various categories of EVs, and developing charging infrastructure

Milestones of FAME Scheme

The scheme has achieved a momentous milestone, with 7,53,140 electric two-wheelers, 85,168 electric three-wheelers, and 9,270 electric four-wheelers sold

EV Buses Under FAME Scheme

Additionally, 6,315 electric buses have been sanctioned to 65 cities, state transport undertakings (STUs), and state government entities for intracity operations

Andhra Pradesh: The Hub Of EV

Andhra Pradesh emerges as the highest EV registered state with an impressive 66,500 electric vehicles on its roads, while Delhi has 2,29,305 electric vehicles registered

India's EV Journey

India's EV journey is on an upward trajectory, and the nation is well on its way to becoming a global leader in electric mobility