MG Motor & Adani Join Forces For An EV Evolution!

Ready for a greener commute? MG Motor India teams up with Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility to enhance EV charging infrastructure, promising easier access for electric vehicle users nationwide. Read on full story for details on their collaborative efforts!

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MG Motor Adani Join Forces For An EV Evolution

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In a significant move towards bolstering India's electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility Limited (ATEL) and MG Motor India have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to fortify the EV charging infrastructure across the country. The collaboration seeks to streamline charging solutions and offer value-added services to MG's EV customers, aligning with India's burgeoning transition towards electric mobility.

Strengthening EV Charging Network

Under the terms of the MoU, Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility Limited (ATEL) will install CC2 60 kW DC chargers at upcoming MG dealerships, amplifying the charging network's reach and enhancing accessibility for customers. This partnership encompasses end-to-end services ranging from supply and installation to commissioning, operations, and maintenance of the charging infrastructure. Moreover, a user-friendly digital platform will be introduced to facilitate seamless customer experiences, encompassing aspects such as discovery, user authentication, charging, and billing settlement via a dedicated mobile application.

Integration for Enhanced Accessibility

In a bid to further augment accessibility, both entities will explore the integration of public charging stations across platforms utilizing advanced application programming interfaces (APIs). This integration aims to enhance network visibility and accessibility, offering a seamless experience to users across the integrated network owned and deployed by both MG Motor India and Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility Limited.

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Growth Officer, MG Motor India, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "MG is committed to Carbon Neutrality, Sustainability, and Green Mobility. We are delighted to embark on a new journey with Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility Limited, which will catalyse the adoption of electric vehicles in India." Gupta highlighted the strategic alignment of the partnership with MG's vision of revolutionizing the EV landscape and building a robust charging infrastructure to empower Indian consumers.

Echoing similar sentiments, Suresh P Mangalani, ED & CEO, ATGL, emphasized the pivotal role of electric vehicles in facilitating a cleaner and greener environment. "Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility Limited’s and MG Motor India’s partnership to develop charging infrastructure marks a significant milestone and will play a crucial role in accelerating India's energy transition," he remarked.

Empowering Customer Experience

The collaboration will not only enhance the charging infrastructure but also elevate customer experience through Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions. MG users will gain access to RFID cards at strategic locations within ATEL’s public charging network, including venues like airports, ensuring seamless charging experiences. ATEL plans to offer RFID cards to MG users through bulk purchase arrangements, featuring preferential discount offerings to further incentivize EV adoption.

As an early entrant into the EV space, MG Motor India has been proactive in developing robust product offerings and establishing a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure to facilitate widespread adoption. The company's 6-way charging infrastructure further underscores its commitment to making electric vehicle usage more convenient and accessible for Indian consumers.

With the strategic collaboration between MG Motor India and Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility Limited, the Indian EV landscape is poised for a significant transformation, offering enhanced accessibility, convenience, and sustainability to electric vehicle users across the nation.

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