Startup Republic: 'Desi' entrepreneurship is the force to shape a New India

The Startup movement is not aimed at the benefit of a few. It should be a movement that changes the lives of the masses. The art of handling the political economy is something world leaders can learn from Narendra Modi.

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The Republic Day on January 26 falls between two other very important days. Ten days ago - on January 16 - India celebrated the National Startup Day. And a week later, on February 1, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman would roll out the Union Budget. 

As we celebrate India's 74th Republic Day, two remarkable incidents - seemingly isolated - also attracted my attention.

The Andaman and Nicobar islands were named after India's valourous soldiers. Then came the news that the front rows at the Republic Day ceremony would be reserved for ordinary rickshaw pullers. The first represents throwing off the traces of the colonial yoke. The second is about giving ordinary Indians their long-denied due. 

Small steps towards a larger goal - A New and Stronger India. 

It is in line with the same vision that we began witnessing a revolution in 2016 when the startup mission was launched. India has nearly 90,000 startups at the moment. In just seven years, It is already the world's third-largest Startup ecosystem. 

We already have the Bronze and are going for the Gold. Waves of foreign attacks and colonial oppression had suppressed the Indian entrepreneurial mindset. Even after Independence, the scourage of ‘license raj’ took over. That is precisely, why among other things, the Startup movement should be celebrated this Republic Day. 

Balancing Welfare and Capitalism 

The Startup movement is not aimed at the benefit of a few. It should be a movement that changes the lives of the masses. India has done this through various careful and thoughtful economic policies. 

The art of handling political economy is something world leaders can learn from Narendra Modi. This subject itself needs a deep data-driven white paper. But to sum up, India has 8000 live development projects that at any given point of time are benefitting its 1.40 million population. As per data from the union budget of 2022-23, India has 740 central sector welfare schemes and around 70 centrally supported welfare schemes. 

At the same time the Republic of India today is a USD 3 trillion economy . 

The consistency and commitment of the government to the Republic are evident here.


  1. Recognising and honouring the sacrifices of the bravest of brave Indian soldiers, the Modi government named 21 Andaman-Nicobar islands in the honour of 21 Paramveer Chakra recipients. These recipients saved the nation during various wars India fought after independence. This includes names from almost all corners and faiths of India. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Catholic.
  2. Modi's decision to reserve the first row at the Republic Day parade for commoners is another example of how India honors its people. The VIP rows are reserved on Republic Day in honor of the laborers who worked on building the VISTA project of the Indian parliament. The list includes the names of workers of different faiths.
  3. This will be the first time India will celebrate its Republic Day out of the shadows of her colonial past. This year Modi renamed the Rajpath (Road of the British Raj) to Kartavya Path. 
  4. Meanwhile, Modi shifted the Amar Jawan Jyoti from the shadows of the British-era India Gate. He merged its flame into another beacon and created a national war memorial honoring all the soldiers who fought for the country after independence, including one who died. A total of 1351 names are etched all over the place. These names include soldiers of all faiths. 

Vibrant Democracy Vs. Hate India Agendas and Hit Jobs

The Modi government has done many innovative things. Some people simply hate seeing this fresh face of India.

While India holds the presidency of the G20 and Shanghai Cooperation Organization, foreign media have published a documentary in which a global propaganda campaign against Modi. At the forefront is the colonial-era BBC and the other typical propaganda machines. The global hunger index ranking of India and the latest Oxfam disparity report are classic examples of agenda-based reporting opposite to reality.

In the past 8 years, India has developed into the fifth-largest economy in the world, the world's third startup hub with over 100 unicorns, the world's vaccine hub, and the most sought-after investment destination.

Therefore, as India marks her 74th Republic Day, we should not be concerned with motivated propaganda, but rather celebrate India's inclusive, prosperous and vibrant democracy as we prepare for the future. 

Jai Hind and happy Republic Day to all. Watch Republic Day Parade 

Video Source: YouTube Channel, President Of India