Young Indian entrepreneur scripting his own Ford vs Ferrari story!

Ford versus Ferrari is a story from the 1960s about the rivalry to dominate the world of motorsports. However, a young Indian entrepreneur is scripting his own auto-narrative as he is getting noticed in an industry dominated by traditional heavyweights.

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Raj Mehta writing his own Ford versus Ferrari

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In the early 1960s, two titans of the automobile industry, Ford and Ferrari, engaged in a fierce rivalry to dominate the world of motorsports. While the story of the Ford vs Ferrari rivalry is perfectly depicted in a 2019 American film, this story is all about an Indian entrepreneur, who is taking steps to make a mark in the Indian auto industry.


Dominated by traditional powerhouses, the Indian auto industry also does not allow a free pass to a newbie. However, the protagonist of this Indian version of Ford versus Ferrari, Raj Mehta, has not let that hinder him. 

Curiosity pays. Raj Mehta, who has been a curious child, who began nurturing a dream of entering the auto industry when he was 14! A few years down the line, he is already a popular startup story of India, inspiring many people around the world.

How did it start?


With a natural inclination towards the inner workings of things, he spent his days fearlessly dismantling the parts of his toys and piecing them back together. His mind was ever-restless, often leading him to absent himself from the classroom, in pursuit of knowledge and understanding beyond the four walls of the school.

Despite the obstacles, Mehta's determination was unshakable. He sought out his grandfather, striking a deal for funds with the promise of full transparency in their use. And with the arrival of his consignment from far-off Korea, Mehta dove headfirst into his experiments, honing his skills through hours spent on online tutorials, devoting every waking moment to the building of his machine.


And finally Mehta unveiled a prototype of his electric cycle, converted from a simple pedal-bicycle, offering his father the honor of the first ride. 

With each passing day, Mehta's vision came closer to reality, and his business soared to new heights, serving not just the people of India, but customers from all over the world. 

As his name and business began to spread, Mehta was inundated with enquiries from countries far and wide, eager to import his revolutionary creation. Spurred on by this newfound demand, Mehta set out to apply for an import-export license from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), determined to take his business to the next level. 


But as a mere teenager, the road ahead was not easy. His application was met with rejection, time and time again, but Mehta refused to be deterred. On the 20th attempt, his perseverance paid off, and his application was finally accepted, and Mehta not only established himself as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world, but also became the youngest person in India to hold an import-export license, at the age of 17. 

The Long Ride


With a showroom in Leh and Ladakh at the highest altitude, Raj Electromotives quickly gained attention and success. Two years later, Mehta expanded his vision by launching Greta Electric Scooters, a subsidiary of Raj Electromotives focused on manufacturing e-scooters. Already making a presence in India and Nepal, Greta Electric Scooters is currently undergoing road tests in select European markets.

But Mehta's journey to success did not come easily. As a young boy, he was determined to find a solution to the tedious task of riding his bicycle for long distances. 

Today, Raj Electromotives supplies conversion kits for various modes of transportation to over 19 countries worldwide. Mehta's ultimate goal is to establish Greta Electric Scooters as a leading player in the electric scooter market and continue to expand his company's reach. With the Indian government's goal of becoming a net zero-emission country by 2070 and the increasing demand for electric vehicles, the future looks bright for Raj Electromotives and Greta Electric Scooters.


Raj Electromotives' products range from conversion kits for pedal cycles and tricycles for differently-abled individuals, to retro-fitment kits for converting petrol bikes to electric and electric rickshaws for passenger and freight transport. All of these products are aimed at providing easy and affordable transportation options that do not contribute to carbon emissions.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the use of these electric vehicles also helps to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution in urban areas. With the increasing awareness and concern for the environment, Raj Electromotives' products have become increasingly popular among consumers looking for sustainable transportation options.

Mehta's dedication to sustainability doesn't end with his company's products. He has also implemented eco-friendly practices in the manufacturing and operation of Raj Electromotives and Greta Electric Scooters. This includes the use of renewable energy sources and the implementation of recycling programs to minimize waste and reduce the company's overall environmental impact.

The story of Ford versus Ferrari is a thrilling tale of innovation, perseverance, and the never-ending quest for speed and victory. Doing an equally wonderful job in real life, Raj Electromotives is committed to innovative products and commitment to sustainability. With this, it's no surprise that Raj Electromotives has gained a reputation as a leader in the electric vehicle industry. Mehta and his team continue to work towards their vision of providing clean and affordable transportation options to people around the world.

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